La Horde (2009)

When a French sting operation to get revenge on a small gang of drug runners goes horribly sour, and a zombie outbreak occurs parallel to these events, the drug runners and their police counterparts find themselves having to stand side by side with one another in order to get out alive. Continue reading

Death Troopers

When an Imperial prison barge, the Purge, suddenly malfunctions, a group of Imperials are forced to board a nearly deserted Star Destroyer close by for spare parts.  But what they bring back is far worse than anything they had previously imagined; a deadly virus that infects and kills most of the occupants of the Purge.  Kale and Trig Longo, alone ever since their father died aboard the prison barge, are some of those survivors, and along with an Imperial medic and other various characters, they are forced to fight for their very lives against an army of the undead in Death Troopers.

Check out how, being an avid horror fan, I felt about the first official Star Wars horror novel after the break!

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Zombieland (2009)

Since I’ve mainly been posting movies which some people might consider less “mainstream,” I thought today I would go ahead and post up a horror movie which I’m sure most people have seen (or at least heard of).

A nerdy college student teams up with a wily roughneck as they travel a post-apocalyptic countryside aiming for some very different goals. Along the course of their travels they come across two younger women in need of help. The only problem? Zombies, of course. They are everywhere, making travels an obvious challenge. Continue reading

Doghouse (2009)

After Vince, a “tamed” man, begins to go through a rough divorce, his friends feel that it is their duty to put their own relationships on the line in order to help cheer him up. How might they do this? By taking him to a small village called Moodley just past London. The only problem being that when this rag-tag group of guys finally make their way to Moodley it is found virtually abandoned… until a more closer inspection is taken. Continue reading

Morbid: Chapter 4

The human tramped on his hand, oblivious to the plight of the creature below him. Xeros lie on the ground, ichor spilling out of his guts onto the frozen Earth. His consciousness was fading, more from inactivity than approaching death. It would take some serious trampling before that would come. It was possible he would even be dragged back. Continue reading

Horrifying Musings of the Fourth Kind: Planet Terror

When a virus escapes a secret facility, a small town in Texas is faced with a threat they have never before encountered: zombies roaming the streets, devouring anyone they can get their hands on.  It’s now up to a few unique survivors to fight off the horde, but whether they can succeed with that goal remains to be seen.

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ALTA Special Review: Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber

Zombies in Star Wars have existed a long time, with varying origins (8, according to Wookieepedia, unless some connection between the various “species” is identified).  It wasn’t until last October, however, that Joe Schreiber reminded us that zombies are best known not for a Fantasy/Adventure setting, but as a form of Horror incarnate. Continue reading