Crimson Empire II

ceiicobA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I started reading these comics. For the first time, though probably not the last, I’m joining Kirr and MizzeeOH in reviewing classic Star Wars comic volumes. Today, I’ll be reviewing Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood, brought to us by the same people who made Crimson Empire.

The new Emperor Carnor Jax is dead, but his Imperial Interim Ruling Council lives on. As several groups plot their own Imperial takeover, the squabbling Council itself is obsessed with one another and the threat still posed by Kir Kanos, assassin of Carnor Jax. In the meantime, Hutt crime lord Grappa is involved, one way or another, in almost all of the capers… and the threat posed by his own temper.
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The Breaking Point

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Continuing the story of Darths Iurus and Katanra from Dark Crucible and Dark Quest: Coalescence you get the unexpected epilogue co-written by myself and Sith Jammies. Continue reading

Dark Quest: Coalescence Part 5

Welcome to the final part of the Dark Quest: Coalescence, written by The Man in Black, MizzeeOH, Sith Jammies, and Anonymous (no, really, that’s his moniker)!

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Dark Quest: Coalescence Part 4

Ta'Chell Zrak

The force be with you

This is another collaborative story, this time involving Sith Jammies, MizzeeOH and Anonymous from! (Part 3 here)

Ta’Chell nodded to the Jedi Kenda as he walked up to Katanra’s ship. He had to wonder about his former teacher’s relationship with the human. True, his own position with Katanra was different than would be expected, but how a Sith and a Jedi could have gotten along well enough to consider a friendship was beyond him. Continue reading

Dark Quest: Coalescence Part 3

This is another collaborative story, this time involving Sith Jammies, MizzeeOH and Anonymous from!   (Parts 1 and 2 here and here)

Nemo smiled at how easily Katanra had been manipulated into anger. It would serve them well against the Vong, and though it would make her slightly unpredictable, her death wasn’t his loss. He thought it was fortunate that Acheron hadn’t been here, or neither him nor Katanra would be in very good shape.
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