The Last Airbender (2010)

After a few hard nights’ work, my tech assistant and I have finally finished work on my The Last Airbender review.  What do I think of this much-anticipated movie from a series I’ve come to love?  Read after the break to find out, but beware, for spoilers follow! Continue reading


M. Night Marathon – Signs (2002)

Welcome to Part 3 of the Man in Black Reviews M. Night Shyamalonathon, my version of a countdown to the coming release of The Last Airbender. If you missed them, the first two parts can be found here and here. For new and returning readers, welcome to the Man in Black Review of Signs, the first Shyamalan movie I ever saw growing up and (up to this point in the Marathon) my favorite film of his.

Mel Gibson is a former reverend living with his three kids- I mean, his brother, son, and daughter. Presumably, the family from Home Alone is involved in there somewhere as well. When Mel Gibson comes across crop circles on his farm, neither the police nor the standard culprits can offer any explanation- until reports from across national borders start to come in. The crop circles have become an international issue, and more than that, they are a threat.

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