Crimson Empire II

ceiicobA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I started reading these comics. For the first time, though probably not the last, I’m joining Kirr and MizzeeOH in reviewing classic Star Wars comic volumes. Today, I’ll be reviewing Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood, brought to us by the same people who made Crimson Empire.

The new Emperor Carnor Jax is dead, but his Imperial Interim Ruling Council lives on. As several groups plot their own Imperial takeover, the squabbling Council itself is obsessed with one another and the threat still posed by Kir Kanos, assassin of Carnor Jax. In the meantime, Hutt crime lord Grappa is involved, one way or another, in almost all of the capers… and the threat posed by his own temper.
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A Long Time Ago: The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers

An invading fleet of Force-blind and monstrous aliens descends upon the galaxy with the intention of galactic conquest for the sake of their religion- but these aliens don’t hate droids. Continue reading

A Long Time Ago: ROTJ Part 2: Novelization by James Kahn (Kahn)

That’s the last mistake you’ll ever make”. I’ve reviewed five Star Wars film novelizations (MizzeeOH carried the one I missed): only one left to go. Where does Return of the Jedi stand? Continue reading

A Long Time Ago: Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry

Cover of the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire ...

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

I started reading these books. The Star Wars Expanded Universe has gone through numerous upheavals since the its inception in 1978. None of these were more seemingly important at the time while becoming nearly irrelevant years later than the 20th Star Wars Anniversary spectacular event, Shadows of the Empire. This Multimedia Event, designed as a one-stop bridge from the closing sequence of Empire Strikes Back to the opening scenes of Return of the Jedi, introduced us to a crime organization more extensive and more glamorous than Jabba’s, Black Sun, and its memorable leader Prince Xizor in Steve Perry’s novel. Yet all in all it has fallen out of Star Wars discussion. Does Shadows deserve this fate? Continue reading

Review Commentary: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

The fourth of what will be nine spoiler-free reviews of Fate of the Jedi is ready. For those of you like me who hear “spoiler” and run as far in the other direction as possible, you can finally find out if Aaron Allston’s Backlash– beset as it was with struggles from which we’re glad our author has emerged- is any good or not.

This is the first time I’ve ever considered doing a commentary of a Spoiler Free review. Now that Allies has come out, I can actually take a look at and explain some of the things I talked about in Backlash.

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