100 Reviews: Finale and 4th Anniversary Special!

I’ve been giving you a lot of lists of reviews lately.  Here I take the last half of 2010 and roll it into one: including a review that was supposed to be released in 2010, and never was. Continue reading

Commentary: Kirr Mistwelder’s Review of The Force Unleashed II Novel

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Today I do something a little different- instead of commenting on one of my own reviews, or even a review from Man in Black Reviews, I’m commenting on Kirr Mistwelder’s review of The Force Unleashed II by Sean Williams. Continue reading

Commentary: The Force Unleashed, Part 1

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I started reading these books…

I sit here in this cell, a living anachronism. It’s a structure of bone, held together with vines and located on the deck of an Imperial battle station. The blackened and rotting bones are striking against the polished metal surfaces of the floor beneath me. I rest against hard rods of calcium, as my feet find themselves on equally unwelcoming durasteel. The tightly wound vines look comical against the bright fluorescent lights of my cell, but there’s nothing comical about the situation.

But it’s not just any battle station I find myself in. No, this is the very same battle station that was once referred to as a small moon- a battle station I thought- no, I knew that this station was destroyed years before I was born. All of its stories, from design to prototype to those of the stations that would become its grandchildren, were told. Or so I had thought for, obviously, the Death Star is very much alive.

As I sit here, I mull over the situation with my one companion. Yes, I have a companion. I hold it in my hands, staring blankly from time to time, and then go back to reading. My companion is a novel: The Force Unleashed by Sean Williams, an adaptation of the script by Haden Blackman. It is through this novel that my fate will be decided.

This was my big inspiration writing the first The Force Unleashed review: I had never put anything that wasn’t strictly informative in the opening part of the review- the part that serves as a blurb on WordPress-type systems. Continue reading

Comic-Con International 2010 Coverage!

The Man in Black Reviews crew was present at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, and we took the chance to record footage at the actual convention center covering the news there.  It has finally been finished, so check it out under the break!

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Comic-Con First Updates

Sorry guys, I had zero internet access at the hotel and Comic-Con; both were overloaded and I just could not post anything.

Second bad news: A good 75% or so of our images and videos were recorded on a camera that I can not access without the software that comes with it.  This is everything that was recorded on Mizz’s equipment, which happens to be nicer and more expensive than mine, and therefore saves in elaborate file types that actually require the computer to work to get to them.

Good news: Most of what I saw is on Twitter.  We have the Clone Wars panel from Friday coming on Youtube, as well as Thursday horror, Star Wars and Gamera posts coming, plus some small video updates for those too lazy to check Twitter 😉

Second Good news: Read after the break to find out more!

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Spoiler Free: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance Part 2 (With Spoilers!)

The time for the first of my Spoiler Free reviews of Star Wars: The Old Republic is here. If you’re like me and hear “spoilers” and run as far away as possible, or even if you just need something to hold you over for another week, For those of you waiting for the dirt, you can finally find out what Sean Williams’s Fatal Alliance is like. Beware, spoilers follow!

A smuggler, an agent and a Mandalorian walk into a bar. Wait a second, that’s not a joke; that’s a scene from Fatal Alliance! When all eight classes from Star Wars: The Old Republic find themselves in the same place, at the same time, faced with the same threat to the civilized galaxy, each class has a chance to let their class features shine. But is the story any good? Continue reading

Spoiler Free: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams

The time for the first of my Spoiler Free reviews of Star Wars: The Old Republic is here. If you’re like me and hear “spoilers” and run as far away as possible, or even if you just need something to hold you over for another few days, you can finally find out what Sean Williams’s Fatal Alliance is like.

This is a special edition of Spoiler Free, in that there will actually be spoilers available! This review will be posted in two parts- the spoiler free review, in which I analyze the book without any regard to the plot, and the spoilers, which will include the plot summary, my reaction to specific points, and other spoiler-filled details.

A package for me?” I asked, surprised, as I signed the delivery being’s datapad. From Corax, no less, I noted as the delivery being nodded the affirmative. Once he- she? It? – left, I wasted no time in opening the package. It contained a device of alien design, made of metals I had never seen before, and a note. I read the note first. “Lord Iurus,” it prefaced, “You are invited to join me in exploration of a new world. The Old Republic has borne its first tangible fruits, and if you dare, you are welcome to join me in tasting them.” I lifted the device, taking careful note of the characters and buttons on it. It wasn’t long, however, before I realized that the device was keyed to my biological signature. Nor was it as docile as it appeared. Continue reading

Spoiler Free: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance

Guest review by Corax

torfatal_bgWe are one week away from the release of Sean Williams‘ The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance so that means it’s time for a spoiler-free review!! After the break you will find my thoughts on Fatal Alliance!!

Ever since the announcement of The Old Republic video game I have been intrigued by the possibilities of what could come from the game, but the game wasn’t a definite or urgent purchase. Fatal Alliance actually changed that for me. After reading the novel I was intrigued to see if any of the themes brought up here would be something we could end up seeing in the game. Continue reading

Review of The Force Unleashed Comic (Part 2 of 3)


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He leaped, light-footed, out of his cockpit, moving in the manner of a swash-buckler but dressed in the manner of a pious Cheddar Monk. He sprung across the hangar, utterly silent other than the tip taps of his feet on the floor. Nevertheless, he was spotted.

An elderly man with white hair and a strong beard stepped out of the corridor, a beam of scarlet light protruding from his grip as he blocked the operative’s path. The operative responded with his own beam of crimson, and the two expertly crossed blades in a manner that better befitted a gathering of aristocrats engaging in flights of fancy than the deadly serious sport that it truly was. Indeed, this fact was underlined when, after a particularly deft sweep of the operative’s blade, the aging yet nimble gentleman was replaced by two halves of a bisected droid, sparking as it crashed to the ground.

It’s been about two years since I read the novel, but having recently checked out the graphic novel, I found that I hadn’t forgotten very much of the story. I’m not going to rehash it here, we’ve got plenty of coverage of The Force Unleashed that you should get the gist of the story if you don’t already know it. What I will talk about are some of the things that I liked, that stuck out to me, from the graphic novel, as well as the things that just didn’t work for me at all. Continue reading