Geek Thoughts: Casual Time!

We are casual today. This episode features Graham the Re-Animator, Johnny Oldschool and me, Ben from Canada.
Art by Petar Gagic aka the Cine-Masochist
Music by Chance’s End, the song is called Diamond in Disguise

Comics ASSEMBLE!: Thor & Loki – Blood Brothers

The title of this is a little misleading, as this story is far more about Loki than it is about Thor, but as I find my interest in the title characters on the rise due to the movie’s release – I thought I would give this book a try. Continue reading

Comics ASSEMBLE!: Avengers Prime

I mentioned previously that I continued to seek out Thor stories in anticipation of the release of the movie, and one of the best that I’ve read wound up being in an innocuous place – Avengers Prime. Oh sure, Thor is one of the main Avengers, and half the point of these Marvel movies is to prepare for the Avengers movie next summer – but at the same time, I had no idea how focused this story would be on the Asgardian god.

Continue reading