Power Rangers Commentary: Mystic Force

Mahou Sentai Magiranger

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I’m writing this commentary a couple of months after having finished watching Mystic Force for the first time, so forgive me if I end up a bit vague with the details. I presume it’ll all come back to me, though. Continue reading

Power Rangers Commentary: Turbo and Zeo

Cover of "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie"

Cover of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was unquestionably the high point of the series. Eventually, though, Saban tired of shooting new footage, and Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers could only exist for so long. This brings us to Power Rangers: Zeo. Where did the series go after the Power Rangers stopped being Mighty when they Morphed? Continue reading

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Commentary

Alright, commentary time. Continue reading

Commentary: Brightest Day 1

Brightest Day

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Brightest Day Volume 1 was probably the biggest disappointment I’ve come across in the months of comic reading I’ve been undertaking in preparation of Phosphorescent Panels. Continue reading

Commentary: Blackest Night

Blackest Night, like FEED, is something that I never expected to own but am very glad that I now do.  MizzeeOH and Kirr Mistwelder are both awesome, by the way. Continue reading

Commentary: Rebirth

Promotional art for Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 ...

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That’s right, it’s Sunday again!  Let’s take a look at my first mainstream comic review: Green Lantern: Rebirth! Continue reading

Commentary: Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas

3 Christmases have passed since I first reviewed a Christmas movie.  Coincidentally, my review of Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas was posted on December 18th, the first anniversary of my A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 review. Continue reading

Commentary: The Blueprint 3

Jay-Z at a concert in 2006.

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Now that I’m looking back at my most recent album review thinking about how much better I could have done it, let’s take a look at my first. Continue reading

Commentary: Hard Merchandise

You should have seen this coming.  What do I have to say about my latest review of a childhood favorite? Continue reading

Commentary: Slave Ship

Next week, the thrilling conclusion to Bounty Hunter… Fall is revealed.  In the meantime, welcome to my commentary of Part 2: Slave Ship by K.W. Jeter. Continue reading

Commentary: The Mandalorian Armor

Boba Fett

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For the several month long “Bounty Hunter Month”, I reviewed The Bounty Hunter Wars, one of the most notorious sagas of the Bantam Era of Star Wars publishing. Continue reading

Commentary: The Force Unleashed II Graphic Novel

So you noticed I have another The Force Unleashed review credited to my name I haven’t done a commentary of yet.  Well, fair is fair.  Welcome to the commentary of the epic first appearance of the Man in Black Ranger! Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Guts Commentary

Continuing my weekly commentary of the new AMC series The Walking Dead, I’ll now cover the second episode of the season, Guts – read on to see my reaction to it!  But be careful for the zombies…

Continue reading

Commentary: The Force Unleashed II

E3 2010 Star Wars the Force Unleashed II trail...

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It’s about time.  Now for the commentary of my last The Force Unleashed review.  At least, it was when I started doing this commentary… Continue reading