Vlog: The Walking Dead Season Wrap-up

If you’ve been following my commentaries of each episode of The Walking Dead, you’d know that I’m already a big fan of the series even if it’s just started. The first season has concluded, and thus my commentaries also have, but I’ve decided to do a wrap-up vlog giving my general thoughts on the season as a whole. Enjoy, and let’s hope next October gets here soon!

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The Walking Dead: TS-19 Commentary

The last episode of The Walking Dead was the season finale, with the new season apparently not coming until possibly next October – the time went by so fast!  Only 6 episodes to this season… It makes me sad.  Anyway, here’s my commentary of the season finale, TS-19!

I want to preface this by saying I know this commentary is a bit later than my other ones; I had to take my computer into the Geek Squad to get fixed Monday morning and it had broken down enough that we had to get a new one, so it took awhile to get situated.  Regardless, the commentary – even if it’s late – is finally posted!

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The Walking Dead – Wildfire Commentary

Continuing my weekly commentary of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’re now on Wildfire, the fifth episode in the season and the last episode before the season finale – drama lies ahead!

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