Horrifying Musings of the Fourth Kind: Audition (2000)

Seven years after his wife’s passing, Aoyama is a lonely man who decides he wants to remarry, holding an audition to find the perfect girl. When he does finally choose a woman, however, he may be in for more than he’s expecting.

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April Fools’ 2011: The First Godzilla Movie

Years before 1954’s Gojira, there was a giant, fire-breathing Godzillasaurus that struck terror into the hearts of early humans.  This is the tale of the First Godzilla. Continue reading

Daikaiju Disaster Control: Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)

The King of the Monsters is back!

Godzilla, the giant dragon icon, is once again in his rawest form as a marauding beast who terrorizes Tokyo at random. Independent agencies such as those who chase storms or tornadoes in the United States, as well as the Japanese government itself, are doing their best to predict and locate this monster-turned-natural-phenomenon. In the midst of all this, a UFO (not really a flying saucer, maybe a flying aileron) lying dormant under the sea has been awakened, and taken to the sky. Godzilla reacts as expected to this challenge: Tokyo ain’t big enough for the two of them. Continue reading