The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Well after a bit of a dry spell, I’m back with a new review! The Midnight Meat Train. Keeping in mind that I had seen this opening night sometime in 2008, some of the new things I’ve added to this review might seem a bit out of place, but I did my best to eliminate that; the score is also from that time period, and not having seen it since, I can’t say whether or not I would keep the score I’ve given it or update it.

Nevertheless, without further adieu: The Midnight Meat Train

Based off of a short story by Clive Barker, the movie is about a New York photographer trying to make his way up the ladder in life. He begins taking pictures of the city that can show it for what it really is… a bit of a dismal but also tranquil place. In doing so, he comes upon a disturbing truth that the city has unknowingly been hiding for at least 100 years. Continue reading

Kataude Mashin G├óru- aka Machine Girl (2008)

A girl sustaining major injuries and the death of her brother Yu, seeks vengeance against the gangster family and their allies, who put her in the situation to begin with. During the time after her brothers murder, she goes on a killing spree herself, killing anyone and everyone involved with her loss. Continue reading

La Horde (2009)

When a French sting operation to get revenge on a small gang of drug runners goes horribly sour, and a zombie outbreak occurs parallel to these events, the drug runners and their police counterparts find themselves having to stand side by side with one another in order to get out alive. Continue reading

Zombieland (2009)

Since I’ve mainly been posting movies which some people might consider less “mainstream,” I thought today I would go ahead and post up a horror movie which I’m sure most people have seen (or at least heard of).

A nerdy college student teams up with a wily roughneck as they travel a post-apocalyptic countryside aiming for some very different goals. Along the course of their travels they come across two younger women in need of help. The only problem? Zombies, of course. They are everywhere, making travels an obvious challenge. Continue reading