Retrospective:The Movies of 2012

Part 1:

Part 2:

Happy New Year! This is a 2 part retrospective on the films of the year 2012. We discuss the best and worst of the year’s films. Part 1 deals with the most unique movies our panel saw, the most surprisingly good and bad films of the year and the best horror movie of the year. Part 2 delves into the realms of science fiction and fantasy, and then we get into our picks for the best and worst movies of 2012, as well as what we’re looking forward to for 2013.
Buxomia (blip tv and sportchilada)

Matthew Currie Holme (P5YCH)

Zena (Real Queen of Horror)


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On Fan Theories

This time, Ben, Graham, Johnny and Jesse (aka Drowning In Footwear) discuss Fan Theories. I regret nothing.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Here’s the thing: No matter what I say, if you’re in this site’s target demographic, you either already have seen this movie or you will soon, so I’m really only posting this so that someone on this site comments on it. This is one of the main geek movies of the year. One can make a case for Prometheus, the Avengers or the Dark Knight Rises being the most anticipated geek film of the year, but even though I personally was more excited to see the Avengers, I would say this movie was more anticipated, both by the geek community and the public at large. And honestly, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was one of the best things ever put to film, at least in my humble (and correct) opinion. So, when I went to see this movie a few days ago, I was expecting a brilliant piece of film-making. Continue reading

Man in Black Review: Annals of Drakis III: Blood of the Emperor by Tracy Hickman

Drakis has been through a lot in a short amount of time. Despite being a slave, he was a respected warrior with friends and a devoted lover. Then the truth came, and his lover went insane, his home was destroyed, and he was forced to set North, not only to survive, but to fulfill an insane prophecy thrust upon him. As he was herded forward, destined to destroy the evil Rhonas Empire or die at their hands, he faced treachery within the ranks of the dragons that had professed to join his cause. Now, he is weary of battle, having faced the death of his beloved Mala- but the world won’t let him leave. The stakes are his own thousands of followers and the tyranny of the Rhonas Elves- not to mention all of the other characters we’ve followed along the Annals of Drakis. Is Blood of the Emperor a fitting conclusion, and does the time we’ve invested in this series pay off?

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