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Welcome to Stars’ End: Where Science Fiction Goes to Plead Its Case.

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Stars’ End is a prison and courtroom at the end of the universe where Science Fiction materials plead their case to the jurors.  We seek out the best, the worst, the most obscure, and the strangest and bring them to your attention.

Stars’ End contributors:

Stars’ End Specials

These are specials and crossovers from the crew of Stars’ End.

Book Reviews

Sith Jammies

Sith Jammies Star Wars Reviews

Featured Post: The Force Unleashed II

Sith Jammies Game Reviews

Featured Post: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

View all posts by Sith Jammies

Kirr Mistwelder


Featured Post: Annihilation Book One

Kirr’s Star Wars Comic Reviews

Featured Post: Star Wars: Vector vol 1

View all posts by Kirr Mistwelder


MizzeeOH Reviews

Featured Post: Mass Effect: Redemption

MizzeeOH Star Wars Reviews

Featured Post: Holiday Special

View all posts by MizzeeOH


Timpedia Book Reviews
Featured Post: Hand of Thrawn

Timpedia Game Reviews
Featured Post: Top Ten Moments in Bioware Games

The Holocron
Featured Post: Pre-Republic History

That Shooting Star She Saw
Featured Post: Episode One

View all posts by Timpedia

General Lotz

Fahrenheit 452

Featured Post: Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary

General Lotz’s Cave

Featured Post: 2001: A Space Odyssey

And Having Played

Featured Post: Star Wars: Dark Forces

View all posts by General Lotz

Lord Iurus

A Long Time Ago
Featured Post: Death Star

Spoiler Free Cinema
Featured Post: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension

Phosphorescent Panels
Featured Post: Emerald Twilight

52 Weeks of Green Lantern
Featured Post: Week 1: Justice League #1

View all posts by The Man in Black

Daniel Pizarro

The DJ Report

.Featured Post: Superman: Red Son #2


View all posts by Daniel Pizarro



Sci-Fi Showdown

Featured Post: Gojira


View all posts by N’Eligahn


Way or No Way

Featured Post: Brightest Day #23

View all posts by Writrzblok

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