Upturn: Chapter 9

Eric sat cross-legged on the floor, sharpening and shining his ceremonial sword. It was not as spectacular to look at as the ones carried by Royal Guards, or even by his superior officers, but unlike most of his peers, Eric cared more about function than form. He did not mind at all that he carried the same sword that befit his rank- it was expected, and he would earn a higher rank soon enough, anyway. Continue reading

Upturn: Chapter 6

Carla Manors, the manager of White Inn in Star City, was not known for having a short fuse. Nevertheless, when her only breakfast attendant was over a half hour past due to come back from her break on the busiest days of the week, she was getting a little snippy. Continue reading

Upturn: Chapter 5

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a pebble that broke through the puppy’s cracked rib, spraying blood on the ground and opening the way for more fatal injuries. Unfortunately, straws rarely fall one at a time, and it was impossible to tell which was the straw. Continue reading

Upturn: Chapter 4

“Why does it always have to be a routine duty?” Those were Jim Tantic’s last words, before the taste of steel in his mouth was replaced by that of iron, the feeling of pain in the back of his throat was replaced by one of numbness, and his difficulty breathing was replaced by a blissful emptiness. Continue reading

Upturn: Chapter 3

Police Sergeant Brian Holmes rapped on the door once, twice, three times. He paused for a second and, hearing no response, shot the knob off the door and entered. These matters called for rapid- and occasionally brutal- arrests, which is why only Sergeants and above were authorized to make this kind of arrest. Sergeant Holmes was proud to be one of the few who weren’t afraid to wade in the midst of the heresy, and one of the even fewer men who didn’t balk at the amount of paperwork required. Continue reading