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The Man in Black

Man in Black Reviews

Featured Post: Firefly/Serenity

Television Commentaries

Featured Post: Far, Far Away: Power Rangers in Space

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MizzeeOH Reviews

Featured Post: Star Wars Holiday Special

Bioware Month

Featured Post: Mass Effect

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Animation For Adults

Featured Post: Pixar-thon: Toy Story

Left of the Dial

Featured Post: Toadies

Random Reviews

Featured Post: A Game of Thrones

View all posts by Re-Animator


Set to FAIL
Featured Post: The Lawnmower Man Games

It’s Why We Game
Featured Post: Super Mario Bros Wii

Let’s Bro
Featured Post: Dragon Age II

View all posts by Lord FAIL

Pop Czar


Pop Czar Reviews

Featured Post: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


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The Unusual Suspect

Featured Post: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


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The NPC Reviews

Featured Post: Dungeons & Dragons


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Ben From Canada


Featured Post: Conan the Barbarian

Geek Thoughts

Featured Post: Who has the Best Villains: Spiderman or Batman?

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The Armchair General

Featured Post: Dystopian Wars

The Lord Solar Campaign

Featured Post: Session One

View all posts by Hydriatus


X-Wingurly Reviews

Featured Post: Beastly

View all posts by X-Wingurly

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