Sci-Fi Showdown Episode II: Dinoshark

After activating the Failed at Inception’s homicidal computer, N’Eligahn is forced to face a possibly greater threat: A SyFy Channel original movie featuring a giant prehistoric shark attacking stereotypical Mexico.



Text Commentary:

I’m actually fairly happy with how this episode turned out. I wasn’t able to get the new intro shot and edited, but it still serves its purpose.

First I wanted to talk about SOULUC. Originally intended to be voiced by my Sulu impression, in future episode his “re-programmed” version will be voiced by Ellif, my co-writer. SOULUC is going to be a subtle “antagonist” character for the show. He comes much more into play in Episode III as he tries to kill us without actually “purposefully” killing us.

Real fun guy.

I also cleaned up the Command Center a bit. No more animated screens and an actual carpet texture. It’ll still undergo changes and revisions, but I do like the direction its heading.

The return of the RANT alert, now being used for it actual purpose, to stop me ranting. I plan to utilize it a bit less often in future episodes. Mostly if there’s situations that actually annoy me rather than just being very annoying.

I think the editing improved the review a great deal too. I’m working on the Jackson-LotR-style of editing. In one of the bonus features of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions, Peter Jackson said one of the things that helped him to convert the LotR books into films was to focus on telling the main story above all else, that of Frodo and the Ring.

So I’m going to start looking at these movies and ask myself, “What is the overall plot of this film?” and then edit the scenes around that plot.

So when I went through this review on my final chop, I took out a lot of jokes and references I felt didn’t fit along with footage from the movie that didn’t fit to what I thought was the movie’s overall plot: “Visit Mexico”- err, I mean “Trace fights Dinoshark”.

This means I had to eliminate a few funny scenes. My favorite of which was the scientist Carol consults on Dinoshark Technobabling with another scientist, but not before walking over the the Mariachi band and asking them to turn the volume down. It’s very silly and useless. And the actor playing the other scientist is very deadpan and annoying.

Another cut scene was Trace talking with someone who was apparently a friend of his when he was there before, but is now a cop. Trace subsequently bribes him with a necklace and beer. We then don’t see this friend again until Trace gets arrested.

As I said, good scenes, but didn’t contribute to the overall story goal of Trace vs Dinoshark.

The movie itself is actually one of the better movies I’ve seen to come out of the SyFy factory. The actors for the most part are competent and the monster looks decent in most of the shots he’s in. The gore effects are somewhat lackluster and as I point out, the character/plot development is shoved in your face.

I actually don’t mind watching bad movies, the more effort that went into making it, the better. You know that at some point, the creators believed they were making a good product. It’s very hard to create anything so the creators will garner a degree of respect from me for just taking the chance in the first place.

What genuinely annoys me, however, are three main areas where this idea falls apart: when your movie sucks and you claim it was intended to be like that (Like Wiseau claiming “The Room” is a black comedy when you can tell it was never intended to be), creators defending their art by saying the audience just didn’t “get it” (like Gearbox and Duke Nukem Forever), or creators who blame the critics for their failed movies even though they know from the start that their movie’s going to suck (i.e. anything from Uwe Boll).

If you’re going to create something, stick by it but be open to interpretation and other opinions. Stay true to what you originally envisioned, but if something went wrong, acknowledge it and learn from the experience.

That’s enough rambling for now, until next time, take care.


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