Mad Matt and the Man in Black Review Kamen Rider the First


Mad Matt and his friend review Kamen Rider the First, with my own take on the movie on the side.


5 thoughts on “Mad Matt and the Man in Black Review Kamen Rider the First

  1. Thanks for fixing it, anyway on the film itself it’s generally a mixed bag for me, as it served as my itroduction to 1&2 having only seem them at the end of Black RX at that point. The mind control resolution seemed a bit too much even not knowing it was changed from the original show, For somthing trying to take itself in such a serious way there shoudl have been far more effort put into the effects, though teh costumes looked the part which was nice to see.

    Now the fighting… thats where I don’t agree with you, while you’re right that they do try to use pratical effects more its not done as effectively as it shoudl have, there is far to much wirework on thebike chase, and again falling into too much traditional tokusatsu sillyness with one punch or bike pile sending whole groups of shocker flying really breaks teh realism they were going for.

    The on foot fghts feel slow and forced which really should not be the case, Mark Musashi was the suit actor for KR2 and really feels underused, knowing what hes capable of I really expectedfaster and more precise choreography and precision, (camera work fails to an extent as well as it shows moves not making contact of aquard cuts happen before shocker get pulled away with more overused wirework)

    Anyway great review overall… and for reference I generally judge action in Rider shows now on comparision with the Acell movie as Koichi Sakamoto really shows how to take a serious Rider story and make it work on screen.

  2. Yay it’s up! And yes it is a little silly in places but a whole it could be a hell of a lot worse. Ever heard of the Reb Brown Captain America movies? Sure they were fun as hell, but also a mile long romp of cheese.

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