Man in Black Commentary: Legend of Korra Episode 1

I don’t know if I’m going to do this for every episode, but Episode 1 of Legend of Korra is out, and I need to write something about it.

Korra is the next up in the line of the Avatar cycle.  She’s not related to Aang, but she’s heard of him, and by the end of the prologue, she’s heard the stories of everything that happened in Avatar: The Last Airbender and afterward (gah, where’s my animated movie about this!) over and over.  And yes, there’s continuity.  Katara is the reigning Master of Water, Zuko and Aang started a new peaceful civilization in which Toff’s daughter is the Chief of Police.

Aang and Katara’s son (this is confirmed by “Don’t bring my mother into this!”) is the mentor figure, as the only master of Airbending alive (which makes sense, considering that his father was the Last Airbender).  He’s also the least Aang-like and the most Katara-like of all of his siblings.

There are two main, really notable differences between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.  The first is that while Avatar focused for two seasons on Aang’s mastering the elements (and had a defined antagonist), Legend of Korra starts off with Korra having mastered three elements (and has no set antagonist- yet).  The second is that while Aang was a monk and therefore has a mindset and a lifestyle already perfectly suited to that of the Avatar, Korra is more of an everyday person.  She has the potential to be a real Action Girl (and isn’t unbelievably perfect any more than the characters in the first 3 Seasons were), and in fact comes to more or less the same bending start as Toph.

It’s hard to tell if we’re introduced to the standing cast or not, but I think we have been.  Korra interacts with Toph’s daughter, Tenzin the Master Airbender, Tenzin’s children and wife, and the members of a Pro Bending team that she later joins.  We see her struggles to learn both this Martial Arts bending style (which is a bit contrived, seeing as how that’s how Firebenders bend normally) and to learn Airbending (which won’t take an entire season unless it’s completely contrived).

I do find it a little odd that we have an Avatar from the Water Tribes with the personality of a Firebender, but I guess that’s artistic license?

That’s my thoughts on Episode 1- you’ll hear more from me at the end of the Season, if not before then.


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