Pit Stop 2

“IT IS GLORIOUS! THE MOST GLORIOUS THING ONE COULD EVER BEHOLD IN THIS LIFE! Er, without sounding too overdramatic, but perfectly silly, this ring…this “Halo” is a tool of ultimate conquest! The foolish aliens who built this thing, and have long since abandoned it, could never fathom its true power nor could they properly wield it! It’s like the Star Forge all over again!”


Jammies leaned back in her chair, propping her legs up on a display panel as she listened to the original Darth Yogi, who was once a Ewok named Twitch, ramble on about the incredible power that Halo wielded. The diminutive Silly Sith lord spoke in such a grandiose, if not, random language about the ring’s capabilities and its meaning for the galaxies inhabitants.


It both intrigued her and put her off at the same time. A question kept recurring in her devious mind…if the ring was so powerful, why was it abandoned? And why had no one else discovered it if it could grant its wielder ultimate power?


So she continued to listen to Darth Yogi, Boobu’s Master, go on and on about Halo and how it was the destiny of any Silly Sith lord to go and look for it. Look, where exactly? One disturbing fact that kept being left out of Yogi’s ramblings was the location of the ring world. He gave some vague details about it having a sun at its center and orbiting out somewhere in the depths of Wild Space…


But nothing more specific was mentioned.


Jammies furrowed her brow. Was the Ewok simply insane?(Which was a very strong possibility) Or, was he just so mesmerized about what he saw that he simply forgot to note down the coordinates?


Either way, until Jammies could more clearly decipher Yogi’s ranting, she was basically stuck with nothing. And she would be damned if she was going to go on some kind of wild goose chase for Boobu, even if she did have all eternity to do it.


Jammies knew of only one other person in the entire galaxy that would be able to decipher this rambling. She shuddered at the thought of what her next actions would have to be. It disturbed her Silly soul. She thought hard. VERY hard, but reached no other conclusion. She would have to see Boobu one more time before she left.


Then a thought struck her, this would also give her an opportunity to make up for lost time in the department of bugging the crap out of Boobu. She laughed and jumped out of her chair and called Yogi’s holocron to her hand. She knew what she would do.


The hyperspace coordinates were given from the navicomputer and Jammies pulled the lightspeed lever. As the stars streaked by, signaling that the ship had gone to light speed, Jammies leaned back in her chair again and wondered about something that nagged at her twisted mind.


What did Boobu’s place look like anyway?


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