Why the Force Unleashed II Was Inevitable Part 9

tfulogoTwo years ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The STAR WARS world was taken by storm by a conflicted SITH APPRENTICE. He wore his mastery of THE FORCE like a mixture of a billboard and a battering ram in the way he acted as a mobile HURRICAN KATRINA in his missions throughout the STAR WARS GALAXY. Most shocking of all, he did this in an era that was RESTRICTED for so long- a time period whose stories so far had been confined to smugglers, gambers and spies and mostly published OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO.

In THE FORCE UNLEASHED, STARKILLER defined events fans had only dreamed about, while at the same time displaying public acts of FORCE prowess that would have made OBI-WAN KENOBI second guess his decision to leave an untrained LUKE SKYWALKER alone with STARKILLER’S MASTER.tfu2

In the end, STARKILLER too, renamed GALEN MAREK after the child he had once been, made the ultimate sacrifice, becoming the inspiration not for the rebellion itself, but for its leaders and its symbolism.

But there’s more to STARKILLER’S story…

A dark figure wielding a modified red blade and lightning, a Royal Guard but black all over… The Sith connection could not be denied.180px-emperorsshadowguard

Students of the Dark Side Sourcebook and other archives of the Sith had, for close to a decade, been sure we had finally uncovered all of the secrets of the Emperor and his Dark Side Adepts, his Dark Jedi and Inquisitorious, the Prophets of the Dark Side, his Royal Guards, Hands and Sovereign Protectors. An intricate web of parallel lines of power ran through the Empire, never intersecting and rarely aware of another’s existence. For those that were, there was a clear power heirarchy: The Hands and Dark Jedi wielded more power than the Force-using Sovereign Protectors, who were more powerful than the Royal Guards, who stood over the unerringly loyal Stormtroopers.

But when Darth Vader upped the ante, adding an eighth to his cadre of Sith pupils, it seems the Emperor needed yet another entire order of Force-wielding killers. The mysterious assassins belong to no known heirarchy, yet their armor implies a very heavy connection to either the Sith cult of the Sun Guards, now disbanded and under the rule of the Emperor, or the Emperor’s own guards. Of these groups, though, only one elite core was known to wield the Force with any skill: The Sovereign Protectors, from whose ranks would rise such entities as Carnor Jax.

250px-emperors_shadow_guardFrom where, then, did Starkiller’s deadliest adversaries (in the game) arise? Well, from LucasArts’ own minds, of course, but beyond that? That, it seems, is an explanation better left to another day. And if decades of Star Wars have taught us anything, it is that with these things, that day always comes.

When will that day come?

Soon, I should think. From the inexplicable appearance of Rahm Kota to the advantages of a living Juno Eclipse and PROXY, it has been clear that the writers at LucasArts, DelRey and Dark Horse would bring us back to worlds such as Raxus Prime and Felucia to bring us not only living proof of why Starkiller survived his first death, but to show us what he did in the months after that. Maris tfuiiBrood was left to stew in his wake, creating a deadly enemy, and the Shadow Guards loomed ever present in the background. This column has examined each of those, front and back, and it is now time to retire, giving you three months until the planned release date of the game release (which I will be unable to play). I will speak again on this topic this Fall, and I will see you there.

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