Different Rules, an Arian Story: Part One

Ever wonder what the descendants of Lord Jammies or Darth Katanra might be like? Well, wait no longer!  (Some of the details may be cut out due to a co-author who has not given permission for his work to be reproduced here.)

The crowds are silent as they watch a young Arian being led into the arena. The boy couldn’t have been more than 25 years of age, and handsome as well. The crowds were stunned as the young one was chained to two posts in the middle of the arena. What could he have possibly done to get this kind of punishment?

They had all been summoned here by the ruling caste. They had heard the rumors that there were new rulers of Aria and her colonies. The rumors hadn’t indicated a pleasant end for the previous ones. Talk of murder, poisonings, sedition… and all within the family as well.

But today, the crowd gathered was different. They were the judges, councilmen, senators, all Arians with a high position were required to be here. They didn’t know why, but they all had a common sense that what was about to happen would change the course of Aria for the future. They were apprehensive, tense and fearful.

Little did they know that their fear only gave the ones responsible for the day’s events more power and control over their lives.

She stood behind the curtain of the royal booth, facing her brother and straitening his robes a bit. She was apprehensive of the day’s events as well, but for a different reason. It was her new duty to carry out the planned execution, but not by any normal means. This execution was to be an example, a reference for the future for all of Aria’s leaders.

Finishing her tidying, she looked at her brother as he reached out to adjust the collar of her cape. Their eyes met and suddenly Zhu E’XingXin knew with her brother at her side nothing could stand in their way.

Grasping the hilt of her great grandmother’s sword, she stepped to her brother’s side. There was an almost solid aura of silence as Aria’s leaders took in their new rulers. They were stunned, for the ones that now stood before them were younger than the accused. Everyone knew of the Zhu twins, their cruelty preceded them. Yet no greater defenders of Aria could be found than in these two.

Before stepping fully into the daylight, E’XingXin nodded to her brother. She was not the diplomat of the family, this was his moment to pronounce judgment.

De XingFu looked up at the Zhu twins and was stunned. He had spoken against them and their ways of dealing with the military that he was now a deserter of. No one had bothered him for over a year, but after his speaking out against the Zhus, he was arrested.

He was afraid of what would happen next as Zhu E’ren began his speach. In fact, the whole arena remained silent as the new King of Aria spoke and no one dared to counter him.

“My brothers,” Zhu E’ren began as he addressed the crowd. His predatory grin, however, implied that he held none of them in the regard he would a brother- at least, not in as high regard as he did his sister. As his twin sister stood next to him, he willed to her in the Force to look upon them as she would a gathering of her generals and commanders. Almost instantly, her demeanor improved, much of her anxiety gone as what seemed to be a completely new prospect for her became something she already knew she was very good at.

“It is a time of celebration. The ancient powers that governed Aria in her greater days have spoken, and stronger, truer leaders have replaced those that would fail you- leaders that would suffer casualties to the Mandalorians without instilling the discipline- the honor– needed to neutralize those casualties.” The crowd was well aware of the Zhu twins’ call for mandatory suicide for captured warriors, and many respected their zeal- particularly in these modern days of technological and “mystical” interrogation methods.

E’ren’s face turned dead serious. “But there are some…” he gestured toward the prisoner, who took that moment to struggle against his bonds, earning him a sharp kick to his spine by his guards. His wings, already broken, could provide no support for the poor spinal column. “…who would deny this opportunity. Those who would speak ill of Aria, and its new face.”

The warlord ruffled his wings, showing just the right mixture of anger and desperation. In truth, his desperation was quite low- he knew this would work, and that the public would follow him. But he needed to appear concerned, for without it, there would be need to be concerned. And so, he was concerned. “These brothers of ours are traitors, or else are weak-minded beings who must be put to sleep for their own good.”

The crowd, still too awed to speak, nodded their agreement. This was the power of the Zhu twins- even without their inherited talents, they could command the attention and the hearts of a crowd. Such was the weakness of inferiors, that their hearts could be commanded. Such was the way of the galaxy. “This brother of ours, he falls into one of the above categories. For the sake of all Aria, and his own good.”

E’ren cast his gaze over the crowd. The drama was necessary, of course. The nobles needed to remember this day until they died. Only drama and emotional intensity would ensure this- he wouldn’t want his speech to be completely outed by the memory of E’XingXin’s handiwork, after all. They were a team.

“De XingFu is to be put to death.”

Until this point no one had truly had a good look at Zhu E’XingXin. Most of her time was either spent in the ships above Aria, or the temples of the ancient order while on planet. She had spent most of her life training for combat, and as such was a lithe, powerful figure to behold.

Though a being shaped and formed into a living weapon, E’XingXin’s beauty was unfounded. As she stepped into the sunlight and pushed back the hood to her robe revealing her exotic features, she felt slightly uncomfortable with everyone’s attention refocused on herself. Her brother ended his speech with the execution sentence and she nodded her assent.

Casting off her outer robe and revealing the gleaming white armor reserved only to members of the royal caste, she promptly flipped over the edge of the royal’s booth and soared into the sky. The guards backed away from De XingFu, knowing the fate of those that stood in their Lady’s way.

E’XingXin’s shadow spread over the terrified XingFu. Circling around like a bird of prey, she drank of his fear and savored it. Landing softly, not even disturbing the dust under her booted feet, E’XingXin leaned over spreading her wings over her head to hide the action of her drawing the Beskar blade sheathed at her waist. Standing up to her full height and pulling her wings behind her proudly. She started walking forward, pointing her blade directly at the traitor. It was almost as if she was using the tip of the sword as a divining rod to siphon the fear of the helpless Arian chained before her.

She slowly stalked forward until the tip of her blade was almost touching XingFu’s throat. Proudly he raised his head back, thinking that this would make his death come quickly and let his honor remain somewhat intact. E’XingXin whirled in close and made a move as if to strike. But at the last moment, she stopped.

The crowd held a collective breath. Was she defying her brother’s order? Was she perhaps more compassionate than the rumors told? A frustrated cry from XingFu gave a negative answer to both questions. E’XingXin had merely sliced a deep wound into his face and stepped back. Blood dripped from the edge of her blade, and XingFu’s face oozed the precious liquid from his wound. His tears mixed with the blood as it trickled down his neck and into his collar.

Zhu E’XingXin amplified her voice as she talked to the condemned. “Did you really think the death of a traitor would be so honorable? You spoke against the anointed rulers, the ones appointed to bring Aria out of her darkness and back into her rightful place in the galaxy. You don’t deserve the grace of my blade taking your life.”

De XingFu looked upon E’XingXin with terror filled eyes, his body shaking with fear. “My Lady…” He began, but was cut off.

“Did you not hear my brother?” E’XingXin cried, “You are a traitor! A Secessionist, a schemer. You try to bring the rest of Aria into a miserable state, and you fail. ”

Sensing the crowd begin to waiver, E’XingXin sent a message to her brother. He responded with elegant words.

“See how the traitor turns your thoughts?” E’ren addressed, “How he turns you against what is best for the planet? For our lives?

E’XingXin glared at XingFu to demonstrate the proper amount of disdain for the one accused. In reality, XingFu had done nothing more than voice some doubts over what was happening in the royal house. Concerns and doubts that any number of the common folk would entertain when hearing of a change of leadership. The only difference between his voiced thoughts and the other commoners’ was that the wrong person overheard him. One of E’XingXin’s generals reported what he had heard.

The Zhu twins had been looking for something like this, for they needed some sort of demonstration to solidify their rule and win their underling’s undying support. The plan had been developed and put into action. De XingFu was no more at fault than the rest of the planet. Sadly, there were only three beings aware of that, soon to be brought down to two.

But the plot worked. Arias leaders were now fully under her brother and her’s command and influence. And now to solidify their hope in our power E’XingXin thought.

She once again came close to XingFu, only this time she lowered her voice so that only he would hear her words. “Do not worry,” she whispered. “Your death serves the greater good of Aria.”

Reaching up, E’XingXin released XinFu. Catching him as he sagged forward and fairly embracing him as she supported his weight, she sensed the confusion of the crowd. Projecting her voice as XingFu began to weep, she said the last words he would ever hear.

“Repent, swear your allegiance to us, to Aria… and your death will be honorable.”

XingFu stood back and looked at E’XingXin with hope in his eyes. But before he could open his mouth, E’XingXin quickly cast a Force Spell over him. Feeding his fear into his rage and amplifying them into a frenzied terror, XingFu’s mind was torn apart with fear. As he grabbed his head and screamed, E’XingXin focused all of his hate onto one object. Her.

XingFu lunged forward, his hands shaped into crewel hooks intent on shredding her into pieces. She simply leaned to the side and tripped him, sending him sputtering into the dirt. Her tail began to twitch back and forth as she switched into a battle stance. E’XingXin sensed the leader’s backing, for to their eyes all they had seen was a confirmed traitor attacking the only one that had offered him the last chance at honor.

After a few more passes from XingFu, E’XingXin grew tired of playing with him. She reached out her hand and pinning him in place with the Force, reached into XingFu’s mind once more, triggering his fear to come to the fore once again.

XingFu howled in an animal rage and fought against E’XingXin’s Force grip. His fear and his rage excited her and when she could stand it no more, she released him and drew her blade. XingFu leapt after E’XingXin, his hands going for her throat. E’XingXin grasped her blade with both hands and swung in a calculated arch.

XingFu screamed in pain as her blade cut another path across his face. However this time her blade cut, not flesh, but into the other Arian’s eyes. The delicate organs exploded with the force of E’XingXin’s strike, their phosphorescent contents spilling onto both her blade giving it an eerie glow, and the ground.

XingFu’s bloodied eye sockets spurted tears, trying in vain to sooth the now missing organs. He sank to the ground, his body giving out from the stress of the horrible visions that would not stop and the pain of E’XingXin’s repeated blows.

E’XingXin stopped her attack as she sensed XingFu’s life ebbing away. Stepping back, she watch him try to stand but fail and fall to the ground in exhaustion. Stepping over him, she twirled her blade once in her left, then once in her right. When the blade reached it’s full rotation in her right hand, she changed the grip to accommodate both hand and swung hard in a vertical chop, severing XingFu’s head from his broken body. The head rolled slightly away, leaving a trail of fluids and E’XingXin looked back to her brother.

E’ren looked his twin sister in the eye. He knew she had been apprehensive about killing another Arian, endangered as they were becoming, but she had become aware of the need. The warlord streamed comfort and necessity through their bond, and reminded her of the plans they had in place to ensure that a display like this would never be necessary again.

E’XingXin stepped back up to the podium, and E’ren took extra care to clean the blood off of her face, blade and armor. It just wouldn’t do to have the Commander in Chief and co-Regent covered in the blood of a traitor. Their contacters- the Arian equivalent of a commlink- alerted them both to a communication, and the Royal Family handed the podium to one of their administrators before stepping behind the curtain to take the call. E’ren placed his contacter on the ground, and a hologram of a muscular, prostrate Arian wearing the light grey armor of an Admiral appeared.

“You may rise” the Zhu twins said in unison. This told him that they were both present, and it had better be important. They knew it probably was- Admiral Jiang would not bother E’ren, at least, unless it was a grave matter of security- but it never hurt to remind him of that. Higher-ups tended to forget their place, especially if they were allowed to go too long without a reminder of where that place was.

“Wo de Wangmen”, the Fleet Admiral addressed them properly once he was on his feet. “Our space has been invaded.” A hologram of a unique shipping freighter appeared next to him. “This ship has appeared in the Aria system. It does not appear to be broadcasting either Arian or Chiss identification, and it has not been given clearance.”

E’ren was thoughtful. He knew what needed to be done, but it was not his place to command his fleet. Not if E’XingXin was there.

He streamed his suggestions to her, and allowed his sister to decide what was to be done with her followers.

E’XingXin finished wiping off the blood that had spattered onto her armor. Tossing the towel to a servant, she nodded to her brother and activated the transmitting pad of the contacter.

Her image now appearing to Jiang, she spoke. “Report, Admiral. And I want to hear all the details.”

Jiang bowed and cued the ship’s hologram back up. “The ship appeared in system a few minuets ago. We cannot reconcile it’s design with any on record and from our scans seems to be carrying at least two life forms. May I ask for your orders, my lady?”

E’XingXin listened to her brother’s ideas and weighed them in her mind. Most of them called for an immediate destruction and forgetting of this nuisance. E’XingXin liked that idea, but she was curious as to how the freighter obtained the coordinates to the Arian system.

“Send out a patrol to gather as much information as you can, Admiral.” She said, “Do not destroy the ship, but make sure that it is disabled by the the time it reaches Aria.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

As Zhu E’XingXin’s image faded into space the Admiral turned and signaled a squad of fighters to ‘check out’ the intruder, relaying E’XingXin’s orders to them. The Admiral questioned the abilities of this strange freighter, but he doubted that the pilot of the freighter had come up against Arian battle craft before either.

“Alive, right?” E’ren asked his sister as they stood in their private suite on Harper’s Way. A custom-built Arian ship just under two kilometers long, it was the pinnacle of Arian art and elegance. Built more like a Hapan Nova Cruiser than a standard capital ship, its silhouette in attack was like that of a bird of prey. The weaponry was greater than any other ship in the fleet, and it even carried an Eclipse-class laser from the Galactic Civil War. The Royal Suite covered more than half of its wing, leaving more than enough room for a consort or two for each of the Co-Regents, if they so chose.

“Oh yes, DiDi,” E’XingXin replied. “He has information.” As the pupils of the foremost scholars on Aria- many of which were now dead- the Zhu twins were fluent in Cheunh and Basic, in addition to several other trading languages, Arian and Minnisiat- the only two languages spoken in the system. Together, with the Force and their twin bond as an aid, the two spoke an almost unique language, flowing seamlessly between six different languages. While any eavesdropper might be able to comprehend one or two words in a sentence, no single being on this vessel could understand their entire conversation- even, they believed, a Chiss spy. Neither of them put it past the Chiss to spy on their own allies.

E’ren gave a look to his sister that affected as a cross between a scowl and an extended tongue, though it did not involve his mouth. “We were born at the same time, my sister.” He gently slid his royal robes- sewn from many fibers, an obvious rainbow at close distance though they appeared to be a shimmering white from a distance- onto a chair. He stood in his glistening royal armor, which lacked the minute dents, scrapes and bloodstains that were visible at close distance on his sisters. E’ren, after all, had never faced the Mandalorians in combat.

Aria’s favored sister responded to her brother with the Arian equivalent of a coy grin, which did involve her mouth muscles but was more focused on her quills and eyes. “I have a holorecording that shows otherwise, dear brother.” Technically, this was true- though it had to be slowed down to about one thousandth normal speed for this to be evident, a fact that both Zhus knew and E’XingXin prviately loved to lord over her brother. Then, she frowned- a surprisingly humanoid expression. “You haven’t been maintaining your armor, E’ren.”

The warlord glanced at his armor, and knew the lecture he was about to get was probably well earned. On Aria, his armor was the very image of perfection. However, on the very flagship of the fleet…

“You can’t very well present yourself to an outsider like that,” she continued, seeing the submission in his eyes. She had no need to lecture her brother, when he already knew she was correct. “And we must be quick about it.”

E’ren did not like the direction this discussion was going. “The Force will aid us,” he told her, using their grandmother’s term for The Fabric rather than that of the rest of their people. To accent his words, he summoned a miniature whirlwind that began to buff and extract microscopic dust from his armor.

His sister actually laughed. “Do you have a Force power that will convert hours of work into that of several seconds?” She taunted him. “No. We must use the aid of a droid.”

The ultimate humiliation, for an Arian of the upper caste, was to require the use of a droid for such routine labor as shining one’s armor or maintaining their clothing. It was with this in mind that he allowed a trio of cleaning droids, summoned by his sister’s thoughts, to swarm over his armor. He was humiliated, and he was angry- but not at anyone he could take his anger out on.

Thankfully, he had a captive.

When Zhu E’ren, Warlord and Co-Regent of Aria, rightful heir to the throne and master of the majority of disciplines studied on Aria and all of its colonies stepped into a room, his subjects moved out of the way.

When Zhu E’ren, heir to the legacy of a Sith Master and one of the most passionate beings in the Unknown Regions stepped into a room angry, his subjects could not move out of the way fast enough.

When Zhu E’ren, a being used to having his way, high judge of his people and commander of absolute authority, found a lowly Lieutenant in his way, the very fabric of space conspired to clear the path for him.

As Lieutenant Song struggled to inhale in his place on the wall, E’ren stepped up to the captive. The being- a human, E’ren quickly recognized- relied on a small droid to perform many routine tasks aboard his starship (the captured freighter). He had arrived with the droid as well as an Arian soldier who had previously been listed as Killed In Action. The soldier, one Chi FengWei, was now slated for execution as a deserter and a traitor.

E’ren studied the human. He had relinquished only his name: Jagged Antilles. He was obviously bred from good stock: a cool professional, his eyes displayed neither fear, nor submission, nor hope. He remained calmly emotionless, and appeared to be one who had faced death before. This professionalism was strange in one that relied so heavily on a droid: obviously, the expression was an inherited trait, and said little about the mentality of the being in question.

E’ren gave a glance at his armor, this poor suit that had never tasted blood, and lifted the shackled human by the throat with one hand. The human squirmed, obviously uncomfortable being lifted by the very organ it used to breath, speak, eat, and hold up its fragile head, but did not break silence- even when the Warlord squeezed. Was this apathy? Resignment to his fate? Or was there more fight to this human than met the eye?

In his angry state, the warlord was tempted to break the human here and now. He would face his sister’s displeasure, of course, but it would satisfy him. He squeezed slightly, avoiding key anatomical points that he had been taught would induce unconsciousness. Perhaps he would break the human’s neck; perhaps, he would blank his brain with The Fabric- or The Force, as the more powerful beings seemed to call it. Yes, The Force. Or The Dark Side, as The Compendium he had inherited from his grandmother seemed to call it. So many names.

However, as he squeezed, he heard his mother’s voice in the back of his mind: Stop, E’ren. Strange that he would hear her voice, after he had sacrificed her life to drive the Mandalorians away and save the last great clan on the planet’s surface. But here she was. Stop, E’ren, she repeated.

Why? he thought, uncertain as to why he was humoring what could be classified as a hallucination. He knew that her voice was merely the rational part of his brain, speaking with what should have been the most experienced, rational voice in his history. His mother had always moved with the swagger and confidence of a Sith, even if she never completed her training as such and had never truly claimed her entitlement as a member of the royal family. While he had often scorned her as weak, E’ren knew deep down that she had only placed the security of her family- their safety and their secret training- above her right to rule the planet. While he often thought of this sentiment as misguided, at times he appreciated it.

He wasn’t sure if now was one of those times. Lost in his own thoughts for a moment, his mother’s voice became irrelevant. He knew why he shouldn’t kill this being. The Warlord was more powerful than his own emotions, for one, and for another, this being could give them information about the so-called “Known Regions” of the galaxy. This information could be useful to them, and so it would be foolish- it would be weak– to discard this human now.

“Tell me,” he told the human, summoning the anger in his voice as well as his third lung, rarely used by any Arian. “Tell me where you are from!”

E’XingXin stepped into the room a little behind her brother as he confronted the captive. The human betrayed fear, E’XingXin could sense it, when E’ren grabbed him by the neck.

She had a low opinion for humans, and therefore paid little attention to her brother’s tactics as she helped Lieutenant Song out of the crater that was created from the impact of his body with the hull of the ship. Briefly checking him over, she then dismissed him to the medical bay for further inspection.

“Tell me, tell me where you come from!”

At this E’XingXin stepped up to her brother’s side to study the human. Begrudgingly, she had to admire this human, for upon his smart remark she knew he would not bow to simple intimidation. But she would not interfere with her brother, even though she knew eventually she would be the one to gather the desired information.

She needed to learn more about this pilot so as to know how to break him best. And why waste E’ren’s temper when it could be put to so much use?

Hearing the human’s reply, E’ren had to compose himself before he snapped his neck. Insecurity was a weakness- one that he was not interested in displaying, or even allowing, in himself. Instead, he released his grip slightly, causing the human’s throat to slide until E’ren’s hand was right up to his Adam’s Apple. He spoke in a low voice.

“Forgive me for being vague. I should have expressed more… understanding of the way humans do things. Let me make it more clear. You are a trespasser in our space. We are grateful that you have returned this deserter to our custody, which is why there is a chance that you may still retain your ship after your interrogation. The easier you make this for us, the easier it will be on you.”

He shifted his arm, allowing the human to slide unceremoniously to the floor and regain his breath.

“What region of the galaxy do you inhabit, human?” he tried again.

E’XingXin noticed her brother’s frustration building. He was about to strike the human with his arm spikes when she intervened.Perhaps it is time you took a break, my brother. She sent to him as she put a calming hand on his arm, stopping her brother from losing his control and wrecking their collective efforts against this human. Go take care of matters with Chi, I’ll take over here.

Stepping in between her brother and the human, E’XingXin made it look as if she were the compassionate one. The reasonable, caring and kind female that would usually attracts the males. The thought of how her grandmother’s record portrayed how human females went through so much just to gain a male’s respect sickened her. But she also knew that the male gasping for air before her might just react a little better to what he is familiar to over brute force.

E’XingXin waited for her brother to leave the room before continuing. To add to the impression she was giving off that she was a lot more delicate and therefore less intimidating, a lone guard entered the room and stood at ease in the shadows.

Walking around the human to stand directly in front of him, she manipulated her own pheromones to project a calming aura around herself. She wasn’t sure how effective this would be on a human, but at the very least the manipulation would reflect in her words and actions to a certain extent.

Offering a hand to the pilot to help him up, she spoke softly in direct contrast with her brother. “I assume Basic is the most comfortable for you,” She started. “My name is Zhu E’XingXin, may I ask yours?”


E’ren was growing weary of this human; no being was this disrespectful to him. He was actually tauntinghim. E’ren was about to show this human the price of that, when E’XingXin stopped him.Perhaps it is time you took a break, my brother. Go take care of matters with Chi, I’ll take over here.

The warlord didn’t like it, but he had to admit that she had a point. She was the one who had wanted to keep the human alive, so she would naturally be the one with the most interest in keeping him that way. The last thing E’ren would want to do was compromise his sister’s plans; he would follow her “suggestion” and move to the next cell.

But first, a parting gift for the human. Squeezing one of the longer, thicker quills on his head, he accumulated just enough of his natural venom to comprise a fatal dose in an elderly human- or make a very large dent in a younger one’s demeanor. Roughly taking the human’s chin in one hand, he rammed the quill sharply into the man’s carotid artery. The interloper’s eyes widened at the insertion, as the human almost certainly expected to bleed to death. Arian venom, a leftover from a more feral period in their evolutionary history, posessed a characteristic not unlike that of many bloodsucking insects and creatures: although it thinned the blood, it posessed a chemical compound that would quickly clot when exposed to air. The human did not bleed, but the venom rushed through his bloodstream.

Leaving the awestruck, fearful human in his wake, E’ren turned to his sister. He placed a hand on her shoulder, silently communicating his intentions and wish for her success, and left the room.

Chi FengWei sat on the floor of his cell, his arms, legs and wings chained to the wall. The young soldier- about the same age as his captors- had realized how futile any attempts at protest or resistance would be as soon as he became aware of who was in charge. On Aria, the Zhu twins’ reputation preceeded them- and not only because of their bloodline. During the war, Zhu E’XingXin was one of the few beings capable of proving that the Mandalore was not the cruelest warrior in the galaxy, while E’ren’s fiery rhetoric and mid-debate executions of “traitors” meant that the twins were never short of loyal, motivated soldiers.

FengWei, the provider for his household, had chosen the traditional method of surviving as a Prisoner of War: surviving. He had withstood the Mandalorians, refusing to give them any information under even the harshest conditions, until he had eventually been freed and attempted to return home. Every night for months, he dreamed of his comrades who had committed ritual suicide rather than risk an unconscious betrayal of their people, and each night, he wondered if he had screamed something intelligible during a moment blacked out from his memory, or if the Mandos had shamans capable of using The Fabric to coerce him into answering while he slept. He had been certain that Arian society would forgive him his continued life, so long as he could avoid running into trouble with the name Zhu.

Well, avoidance was a poor goal by any estimate, and it seemed that in this case, it was a poorer goal than most. A sympathetic guard had explained that the Zhu twins had claimed their birthright, causing a dozen wealthy and powerful leaders- and their consorts, and their children, and their servants- to disappear almost overnight. Since then, the two had ruled unchallenged, with the full support of most of the military and much of the leadership of what remained of the Arian clans. Their word was law, and their word had long been that living Prisoners of War were as good as traitors to their cause. Even worse, he had led an outsider to the Aria sector- an act that had not always been a crime, despite the general distaste for the act. The last outsiders who had been welcomed on Aria had been followed by a Sith Lord. The Sith had slaughtered an entire great clan, enslaving the only survivor- the future queen and grandmother of the twins. Since that time, leading an outsider to Aria had been a crime equivalent to a violent offense, and often resulted in a lifetime exile or similar punishment.

But the Zhu twins did not believe in exile. They believed only in their sick personal god: Death. And now, one of His avatars was approaching.

E’ren walked into the second holding cell, his position imperious. His mood had improved somewhat, as he thought of what his sister could inflict on this being in its poisoned state. She might even use him for her personal enjoyment before breaking him- a fate that he had longed to inflict on a victim of his own tortures. Creating such a bond that the victim relies on their captor for the very chance to feel pleasure, enjoyment- that was a truly broken being, and it was a fate he had yet to inflict on some unsuspecting female.

Today, unfortunately, would not be that day. After all, Chi FengWei was male. He was also slated for execution, not long-term imprisonment, torture or re-education.

E’ren walked up to the traitor, and waited for his presence to be acknowledged.

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