Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

Where to begin. I wish I could say I loved Breaking Dawn. I loved the other movies. Well, I loved them as much as the bad acting and CGI/makeup allowed me to love them. But as a huge fan of the books, I am willing to overlook almost anything. Almost. *looks at the book Breaking Dawn* This book was the culmination of hundreds of pages of angst, drama, and whether team Jacob or team Edward would prevail. Every Twi-hard had their own idea about how this would play out but I wanted, no I needed, to know what it would look like on screen even though my leery feelings on what Breaking Dawn entailed made me a skeptic. Alas, curiosity won and if I am honest with myself, I always am, I would have watched this movie regardless because I want to support the books I love so much. Without further ado, let’s begin.

I will start with the ugly and skip over the bad since there was more ugly than bad. First up, we are inundated with bad acting. I mean, it’s everywhere like throw up after hard partying. The dream sequences? Really? Not that the other movies had stellar performances but because the first half of Breaking Dawn is slower in pace, it focuses on the romance and, well, let’s say that while R. Patz and K. Stewart have the chemistry part down, they never were able to capture the emotion of their characters. I mean, Breaking Dawn is downright cheesy (yet I can never stop reading it) and these two just cannot pull off cheesy. Stewart is already awkward so any romance between them felt like watching a train wreck over and over again.  She professes to love Edward but her face looks like a deer in the headlights. The fact that they lingered to long on the honeymoon part made it worse. Moving on.R. Patz. Robert “show me your hair” Pattinson. He is good looking. No doubt. I want to run my fingers through his hair and give him acting lessons in the process. Same with Taylor Lautner although instead of touching his hair I want to touch his abs. I could give specific examples of these two (like how neither of them can have a serious fight together without delivering their lines in the worst way possible or that the Pattinson bead breaking scene was freaking hilarious when it wasn’t supposed to be) but that would be nitpicking the movie apart. If you are a fan, you already do that. In the case of my friend, her response was to fall asleep for twenty minutes during the movie. Afterward, I believe her words were “the bunnies in my front yard looked scarier than the wolves in Breaking Dawn.” Yep. That about sums up any scene with the wolves (except Seth but I will get to that later). But I digress. Lautner and Pattinson, like Stewart, lack emotion or the wrong facial expression to go with the emotion. Or they simply cannot pull it off. Take your pick on the reason but regardless, any serious moment was laugh and cringe worthy. I think Twilight is the only franchise to be able to do that to me. If there is another movie that pulls this off better, I would dearly love to know.

Now it is on to the scene that everyone talked about: baby vampire birth. That’s right. They did it.Not only that but showed it in graphic detail. It wasn’t so much that the “horror” aspect turned me off. As a horror fan it shouldn’t have mattered. It was a simple case of not being able to take the movie seriously. Because of that, I couldn’t take Edward biting into Bella’s stomach to get the baby out seriously. Or the brief,  forced moral discussion on whether to call the little vamp a fetus or baby. Seems random since the actors can never capture the true personality of their characters to justify bringing it up. Maybe we can chalk it up to bad editing. Again, take your pick.

Oh…Sorry. Should there have been a huge spoiler alert? I feel that the more one knows about this movie the better they can prepare themselves to not come out uber disappointed.

Okay. I have hated enough. Any true Twi-hard, and yes I do consider myself one believe it or not,  that even the most bitter of souls such as myself can find the good. There were a couple. Enough to keep me interested verses falling asleep. First, the wedding. I will hand it to the makeup and costume artists. This is the best any of them looked. The wedding did not disappoint.. The ambiance created a  dream- like setting and some of the speeches were funny. Here is looking at you Charlie and Jessica. It had the right kind of awkward that can come with too many emotional people under one roof. Or in this case trees. Second is when Bella is trying to seduce Edward to have sex with her again. This had me giggling with delight. Granted, neither of them were talking through this sequence so it gets bonus points. Their chemistry together is on full display and it is one of the few things they have right. Third on my list is Seth, I don’t know who played him but that kid was adorable. The perfect Seth. The right amount of courage and innocent faith that Seth needed. I wish good things for him. We didnt’t see him often so it didn’t minimize the other bad acting but we saw him just enough for him to breathe a breath of fresh air. Last on the good things list was seeing Reneesme when she is older. This is never talked about in the book but I personally believed it was a great addition to her older and with Jacob. Gives us a glimpse of something Stephanie Meyers never showed us. Whether you thought the actress playing her was pretty or not, it doesn’t matter. The director gets kudos solely for adding it in.

There you have it. The good and ugly. To say I would not see this again would be a lie and remember, I don’t lie to myself. It may be with a cynical eye each time and not worth constant repetition in the DVD player but regardless, it will be watched again. Whenever I pick up Breaking Dawn I will want to see the live action incarnation of it. That is why we see Twilight. To see the fantasy in real life. It is why Twilight will be the number one movie opening weekend. It is why it will probably number one the weekend after. To see how the story of Edward and Bella ends. Excuse me. Almost ends. This is the first part. While I disagree with splitting the movie up (money making, marketing scheme anyone?) I am even more intrigued what they will do with the second half of the story. Another midnight show is in my future. Bella wakes up a vampire and the fight that never happens is coming up. But I will leave that for next time.


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