Horrible Horror #17 – Devons Ghost (2002)

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKrmCUA width=”384″ height=”303″]

Well, here we are, guys! This REALLY wasn’t supposed to take as long as it ended up doing. In fact, some of you might even remember – this video was practically TWO YEARS LATE when it was made!

Yes, this was originally supposed to be the second episode of the show, until I managed to lose my copy of the movie. For a LONG time, I could not find another copy, and when I finally did, I had planned too far ahead. But then I FINALLY got it done. And you know what? I’m glad it ended up taking this long. Frankly, even if I would not go as far as to call myself great, I have gotten a LOT better at this stuff than I was, and half of this would have been a pain in the ass to do in Windows Movie Maker. And I like to think the whole thing got funnier thanks to a rewrite. But here it finally is! Devon’s Ghost. Enjoy. Or, rather… don’t.

Devons Ghost is (C) Gag Order Films

Remember, you can always send me suggestions for videos at horriblehorror@gmail.com

– Stay Scared


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