Movie-Brats NoES collab – Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989)

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About a year ago, Movie-Brat at the That Guy With the Glasses forum sent me an invitation to take part of a review collaboration of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series – and of course, with such an invitation, I accepted. But having already covered Freddy’s Dead, I wanted to talk a bit about The Dream Child – a sequel that, while definetely not a very good movie, I think is a little bit underrated – and this video is here to explain why I think that.

It’s really not a regular episode, but I had fun making it. While the first half does still feature my usual review style, the second is a little more in-depth. This is most likely the approach I will take should I ever be part of a collab again, but regular episodes will still primarily be the movie interrupted by jokes.

So once again, thanks to Movie-Brat for inviting me, and thank all of you for watching. You can watch the reviews of the other parts of the franchise here:

Nightmare on Elm Street and all related media is (C) New Line Cinema

Remember, you can always send me suggestions for videos at

– Stay Scared


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