Gojira! A Star Wars Story, Part One

Tatooine, the planet of sand. As Katanra’s ship dropped out of hyperspace over the planet she had to consider it’s odd beauty. It was like an Amber gemstone with pearl veins flowing over the surface. The veins, clouds, were the source of the planet’s highest money making asset: water. The most valued thing on the entire planet was something that most took for granted.
Also the home planet of the Krayt Dragon. The dreaded creature that is the source of legends and nightmares among the Sand- People. The dragon, rumored to have descended from the Star Dragons, is of the most feared creatures of the planet.

The creatures were revered by the Raiders to the fact that one of their society could not become a man until they had slayed a dragon. The Jawas held with great respect those brave enough to hold a bone from the great dragon in their possession. Both species almost worshiped the great beasts as powerful spirits from times past, reincarnated with each successive generation into something more sinister, more powerful.

It was the Greater Krayt that Katanra was interested in. From the information she ripped from the One Sith’s mind, Darth Krayt had managed not only to capture it but attempt to use Sith Alchemy on it. Well, it wasn’t Krayt himself but rather it was another of his pets, Lady Malady, that conducted the experiments on his behalf.

Katanra reviewed the information mentally as she guided her ship into a landing near the outlands of a spaceport city. Seemingly, Krayt had formed a lab nearby for experimenting with Sith Alchemy and Yuuzhan Vong shaping techniques. Katanra didn’t know where this lab would be, but she knew that it must give off massive waves of Dark Side energy. Stroking the gemstone that rested at the base of her throat she thought of her past once again, and the other Alchemist she had known.

His presence was massive in the Force, she doubted that he even knew what he could have done with his potential had he been aware of how deep his connection went. She also wondered if she really would have been able to stand up to him like she did, if he had really known. A soft wave of emotions came to her, a combination of reassurance and a command to get moving. Still giving me orders after all these years? She thought back, Yes I know. Something isn’t right here.

She thought back to the event that split her from the person she now knew had possession of her soul, her very spirit. Neither one of them could leave the other without him being made whole again. Next to taking Krayt down, there was nothing more that Katanra wanted than to set her love free. Yet at the same time, she also didn’t want to let him go. The wave of command passed over her again, and with a sigh Katanra began equipping herself with what she felt would be needed for this mission.

With the amount of energy that Alchemy used, Katanra found it strange that she didn’t sense anything as to the location. Probably a result of the Yuuzhan Vong bio tech. Getting out of the cockpit of her fighter, Katanra stood atop her ship and looked to the sky. Sensing the wind that flowed over the surface of the planet, she braced herself then leaped for the sky with the aid of the Force.

Spreading her wings wide, Katanra soared over the sand. As she sailed through the wind, she passed over a Raider encampment and smiled in satisfaction as they scattered. The young ones pointed as their mothers collected them away from the dark omen the clansmen were taking her appearance for. That’s right, and if I were any less focused your fears would become reality.

A whisper came from the gem at her throat. It was impossible, but she had to follow the information that was just given to her. Angling her body so that the eclipsing suns were to her back, she boosted her speed and height to intercept an incoming ship on the horizon.

Zaryk floated through hyperspace, considering his mission. He had to find a Sith facility, which contained- at the very least- an unknown number of monstrocities and their Sith master, destroy the facility, and leave no witnesses who might report that Darth Helos was on the other side.

If he succeeded, Zaryk would have to mentally file this mission away for the next time a Sith Lord implied that his order made him more powerful than any Knight.

Zaryk stared into the blur that is hyperspace. It was a familiar meditation technique for him- the unending motion soothed him in a way. He stared into the whiteness, and tapped into a familiar part of his brain. Even given the emotional turmoil he was still in, this was simple and quick; the half-Echani had used this particular meditational aid more times than his mathematically-oriented mind could calculate. His silver eyes stared at the white non-space until the pupils matched its color, and then hyperspace was gone.

Zaryk was on Tatooine, and his armor felt like a tomb. That wasn’t a sense of foreboding; rather, he had been sweating so much and for so long that he was certain his body was accompanied by several unwelcome strrains of mildew. Thinking back on the number of jungle planets he’d been to, he made a mental note to wash and polish everything he owned the minute he got back to Nirauan.

He was at the bottom of a giant sand dune- he had been dropped there by one of the beings above him. He looked up, and was almost instantly blinded by the glare of Tatooine’s twin suns off of the sand in the air. He squinted, using a Force technique to clear his vision, and saw the silhouettes of the two beings. One, for a moment, he mistook for a skyscraper.

Impossible, he thought. There’s not a building in the Outer Rim that size!

Then the building roared, and Zaryk was 80% certain- give or take a couple percentage points- that it was not the roar of a straining infrastructure. Something about how deadly solid it looked, perhaps. And the fact that he could feel the roar in the Force.

Near the top of this “building”, there was another silhouette. From down here, looking up at the vast wings, it seemed to be a vast, vast moth- another Sith creation? It certainly radiated the Dark Side, and it gave the impression in the Force of being a weapon forged by the Sith Order. A giant bat, most likely, Zaryk thought.

Tatooine faded, and hyperspace returned. The vision was short, but the meditation had had the desired effect. Faced with a glance of what he was to encounter, Zaryk was now able to focus on the mission, despite all of the emotional turmoil he had been feeling before the vision. He was now blatantly aware that the knowledge the Emperor had imparted to him would not be enough for this mission- and he now felt he was finally prepared.

Zaryk switched on his lightsaber. The red blade that had struck fear into the hearts of friends and enemies alike on his last mission… so useless here. He was going up against beings that would not even notice if they were missing a cubic meter of flesh, after all. With a flick of his wrist, he activated the longer, silver blade. He felt a pang in his gut, and when he realized the cause, he supressed it. The power of the memory was important, but he couldn’t allow himself to mourn every time he used his longer blade. If he couldn’t focus on the mission, he was no good here. Now, he supposed, was as good a time as any to face this, and surpass it.

I should probably practice a bit, Zaryk thought, trying to remember the last time he had dueled with his greater blade, and sighed. There just wasn’t time. In just over an hour, he would emerge from Hyperspace- and he would rather not do so physically exhausted, already sweating and pushing his muscles. No, he would have to rely on his past experience, which was fine with him.

It had been a long time since he had given himself to the cause of battle. The rage on Fondor didn’t count.

Zaryk meditated for a while longer.

Darth Katanra was so amazed by the touch she felt that she landed.

In her youth, the young Sith Lady had a penchant for seeing the future. She was no Luke Skywalker, but the Arian Dutchess had more than her share of glimpses into the abyss of the Force. Since those days, her mastery of the skill had increased exponentially. Back then, she could see the future.

Now, she could see who was seeing the future.

She wasn’t a god. She couldn’t see everything. But she knew when she was being touched, and she liked it about as much as she liked when some sleazy human touched her without her permission. Her spine tingled and her quills stood up on end.

Someone is looking at my future, she realized, and her Force presence increased exponentially as she tried to find the being. Her annoyance became anger as she realized the being was not yet on the planet, and her anger combined with this expanded presence and her solitude to create an aura around her, one similar to an aura of static electricity except that it was in the Force.

It was through this aura that she found the Guardian, and touched its rudimentary mind to find what it called itself.

She had come here to destroy Gojira.

Zaryk emerged from hyperspace, body and mind rested. His body was alert as though he had used a stimshot, except there was no jitteryness. His mind, as well, was at its peak performance. He made his way to the planet Tatooine, and somehow, even the atmosphere seemed hotter. The whole planet was pretty much just a ball of heat. And there were Hutts, too, so you just knew it stank.

Zaryk landed at the Jun Lopa spaceport discreetly, using Imperial credits and a bit of “slight of mind” to convince the locals that no one had seen him. He had no hope that it would be this easy to reclaim his prized fighter, but he would meet that eventuality when it came.

Garbed in a heavy cloak that protected him from Tatooine’s mythic sandstorms, the Sith pretender named for the sun began to venture out under the glare of a pair of them. He traveled pretty quickly, for the heat- compared to Nirauan, or even Bastion, there was very little in the way of obstacles. Both the Jawas and the Tuskens gave him a wide berth- he sensed a respect from the sand people, and he wasn’t sure why, although he was sure it had to do with his mission.

After several miles of travel along the dune sea, Zaryk came across a site that was both familiar, and completely new. This wasn’t the scene from his vision, but it was close enough for comfort. Staring into the twin suns, he saw a winged silhouette in the sky. At first, it was gliding toward him, and then it stopped, flapped its wings, and began to hover. He could sense a great deal of Dark Side power coming from the silhouette.

She was calling someone- no, something. The giant beast from his vision? So, they were in league then. This… moth creature… it… no, he felt it was a she, somehow… she was some kind of partner of this creature. Partners, somehow… but more intelligent? A Sith Lord, and her pet, perhaps?

He looked at this being, and took his hand off the now-exposed amulet on his chest. He hadn’t even realized he had been holding it until his hand dropped to his lightsaber. He felt the need to approach her- obviously it was the Dark Side energies she was putting out. Perhaps it was the will of the Force for him to defeat her before continuing on.

If this was so, and he was up to the challenge, it would be done.

There was a backwash in the Force and Katanra stopped her commune with the creature called Gojira and focused on the being that just walked over the crest of the sand dune. There was something familiar about him, something…

By the Force! Katanra’s eyes widened as she spread her wings to let the warm desert air fall from them, letting her drift down to land softly on the shifting sand below her. Beloved… She reached out with the Force to caress the gem nestled into the center of the humanoid’s amulet. Both her gem and the one in the amulet glowed a bright red and a surge could be felt through the Dark Side.

Katanra did not openly run to where the other being was. That would be undignified and give away her feelings about what she felt in the gemstone. Instead she cloaked herself in the Force and with enhanced speed ran to the other one to re appear holding the amulet in her hand and glaring into the others’ eyes. To the one that was not expecting this trick, it would have looked very much like she teleported, but in all reality it was nothing more than a trick of light and the power of the Dark Side.

Glaring at the intruder she spoke softly but her voiced dripped with threat.
“How do you have this?” She hissed at him, “You will tell me or you will regret that you ever lived.”

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

How could I have forgotten I was wearing that kriffing Sith artifact! Zaryk wondered as the “Moth” dangled him in the air by the aurodium chain of the amulet. He now realized that she was far closer in anatomy to a bat than a moth, and he could imagine her sinking her large, dripping fangs into a major artery and drawing the last remaining bits of sustenance from his withering-

A Force alarm went off in his head, and he began to realize that this being was cloaked not only in alchemy-enhanced clothing and the ability to avoid being seen, but also a powerful Aura of Fear. He began to struggle as a snake-like tail flicked between her teeth, smelling his fear, and she began to salivate in anticipation. Her majestic wings blotted out the twin suns, plunging the desert into eternal darkness-

Zaryk shook his head again, working feverishly to dispell the illusions. He employed basic Force Defenses, but these were little use against ancient Sith magicks as powerful as this- particularly when the Force user attempting to defend was slowly having the air sucked out of his lungs with every breath of the Demon Queen in front of him. Her silent laugh filled his brain as she inhaled, drawing more air from his choked lungs and leaving him even more desperately choking for air against the chain against his neck. The rough spikes and blades embedded in the aurodium cut mercilessly into his skin, and the battle-hardened Imperial Master even felt a tear slip from his squinting eyelid. The sand in the wind cut into his flesh as well, and he could feel blood dripping from his eyes were microscopic particles began to slip through his lashes and eat their way toward his brain. Just as he felt death consuming the last spark of his life, Zaryk responded to her demands.

“Who… What…”

The Great Krayt Dragon began to stir. It had been called- called by one such as its Master. This one was more powerful than the one who had been watching it, training it, keeping it alive and on the verge of starvation at the wishes of their shared Master.

The Dragon no longer had a gender- it reproduced once every five hundred years, releasing its spawn with the aid of a dozen symbiotes introduced by the Yuuzhan Vong, and fused with the Dragon by Sith alchemy. It truly was an it- but it also had a name.


This was the only word of human language Gojira knew, although the word was not so much Basic as Tusken. Gojira had met Tuskens, and they had known its name. The Tuskens had uttered it, and most had run in fear. A few had stood their ground to fight it, and been destroyed.

Lightning and firejelly crackled beneath Gojira’s tongue just thinking of the brave Tuskens that had made their final stand in an attempt to destroy it. The firejelly did not hurt it, as it too was produced by a symbiote fused to its flesh, but the lightning Gojira produced without aid seemed to burn its flesh. It was painful.

Gojira roared, and rose.

The sand poured down, away from Gojira’s path. Where once there had been only a towering dune, a singularity in the sand appeared, and then a head.

Gojira roared in pain again, and this time, the force of its roar blew the sand away. Tons of sand were nothing compared to the mass of Gojira’s limbs.

Katanra glared down at the fake Sith in utter disdain. No wonder he is so susceptible to your influence love, he’s so… weak.
But the humanoid was able to withstand her almost automatic manipulation of Fear. Perhaps he is not a total loss then.

“Do you not know of the power you hold within that amulet, pretender?” She hissed, “Surely not otherwise you would not be so bold as to display it so. Maybe I should release the spirit within it and let it consume your body. Maybe then you would be a little more willing to cooperate with me, no?”

Katanra knew there was not way to control the spirit that was now pulsing with the energy she was feeding it. There was never any controlling you now, was there love? No, better for you to become strong on your own once again, if that is your will. Rather, she did her taunting to cause the Echani half breed’s mind to wander thereby making it susceptible to the amulet’s influence.

Katanra was glaring into the half breed’s eyes, her own glowing optical orbs burning into his. She was searching his core, looking for the darkness he claimed to have within him. Finding it not in his physical body, she turned to his mind and began pushing through the barriers he was putting up in his defense.

Just as she felt she was getting close to finding the answers she wanted, the information she craved, Katanra heard a roar from behind her.

So, the creature finally answers my call.

Tossing the pretender to the side, she drew her Sith blade and brandished it alongside her ruby hued lightsaber. Casting out with the Dark Side, she drew power from the planet itself in readiness to take on the fire breathing beast.

Before she could attack however, the great dragon spat fire at the two beings. The wall of fire boiled and left a sulfuric smell in the air as it burned the distance. This wall would have boiled the flesh of any living being that dared to stand in it’s path. Yet it was aimed, not at Katanra, but at Zaryk.

Zaryk’s eyes went wide as he both looked for cover and summoned the Force to act as a shield. Katanra however, stepped into the path of the flames and held up a hand. It was a small gesture, but it was backed by the Dark Side. As the fire storm reached Katanra, it split and sent the flames licking around the two.

When the fire stream stopped Katanra rushed forward and leaped into the air, launching her attack on the great dragon.

Zaryk was tossed to the side as a stream of electrified fire streamed toward them. He struggled to bring up his most powerful defenses in time, but Darth Katanra simply raised a hand. Without a single ripple in the Force, her defenses were just there, tools of the Dark Side and in perfect synch with the attack that was being brought against it. The offense didn’t stand a chance.

The blue flame came within inches of Katanra’s finger tips. The lightning coloring the weapon met the being’s will, bending to it instantly and carrying the fire along with it. The fire traveled a new path, burning the minute sand particles in the air and encasing the two sentients in a protected bubble of flame.

Darth Katanra? a voice in the back of Zaryk’s mind whispered. Who’s that? Zaryk ignored the voice, trapped in the reality of what was going on around him, and what he was faced with. Two things ocurred to him in that moment.

The first thing that Zaryk realized was that he was faced with neither a Sith creation, nor some form of Dark Side Demon. As the light surrounding them showed him every aspect of her deep, dry grey skin, her wings and tail, and her quills, he recognized her from his studies.

As a Master of the Imperial Knights, Zaryk’s analytical mind had free access to the Imperial archives, compiled through the Empire’s often chaotic history. The archives contained such still-rare information as Deep Core hyperlanes and thousands of otherwise unknown creatures in the Unknown Regions. While many of these beings were simply creatures that had been found on occupied worlds, others were dangerous beings that the Chiss- and the Empire of the Hand- had preferred to steer clear of. Darth Katanra was among this latter group, a species so mysterious that few beings born off the world of Aria knew of either its existence, or its history. Almost Draconic themselves, the Arian race could fly with full manueverability and held full sentience and an almost obsessive focus on logic.

The second thing that became painfully obvious to Zaryk was that his undoubtedly certain impending doom was gone. It no longer hurt to breathe, and he no longer feared that the being in front of him was going to be able to kill him by her very presence. The Aura of Fear was gone, or at least relegated to use little enough energy to be stopped by the Knight’s own formidable Force defenses.

As the stream of blue fire began to subside, the Arian drew a sinister-looking blade from a sheathe on her hip. It radiated Dark Side energy, and made an odd pairing with the magenta lightsaber she ignited in her left hand. She rose to the air, shooting straight up with the aid of the hot air rising from the desert floor.

As Zaryk watched her, he touched the amulet on his chest, which now pulsed with Dark Side energy. He wondered what connection this Sith- obviously a Sith Lady of some power- had with what he had assumed to be a worthless and ancient artifact. He wondered what kind of Sith she was- she obviously knew things about him that even Darths Krayt and Maladi did not. Was it because of the amulet?

This line of thought was getting him nowhere, though, as Zaryk rolled to the side to avoid a giant claw that was coming down at him. The creature had reared up on its hind legs- something a krayt dragon had never been known to do before- and Zaryk now found himself in the midst of the rapidly moving, giant claws and a huge tail as the creature moved around to battle the flying threat.

As a claw swept through the airspace she had just barrel rolled out of, Katanra sung at the now giant beast with her lightsaber. Slicing off some of the creature’s scales and dodging the vengeful lash of it’s tail she had to remind herself to stay clear of the Dragon’s strikes.

If anything connects, that would be a very bad thing….

Stabbing the massive paw of the Krayt, Katanra had to resist the urge to cover her ears when the creature screamed in pain. Dodging around to the Dragon’s back to seek cover from the stream of flame that was lighted in her former direction Katanra looked down to see the humanoid scrambling to avoid Gojira’s foot falls and tail back lash.

She might have done more to assist, but destroying this creature was her goal. Her message to Darth Krayt that he would soon follow in his creation’s fate. Instead, Katanra risked the distraction to yell down to the pretender.

“If you were any kind of Force user you would sense what kind of power that amulet of yours holds. It has the ability to grant you prowess beyond what any in this era could imagine, yet you block it from helping you.”

Rolling away from a fireblast that got close enough to singe her quill tips she continued, “But now you can sense it waking, calling through the Force. How can you not? Open your mind, and let the power of the Dark Side wash over you, erasing your doubts and giving you power to face down what you fear most!”

I wonder if he knows that I was the one that made that amulet after his crystal was spit? No matter, all he needs is to allow an opening, and he will take care of the rest.

Zaryk ignited his saber, the long silver blade working to his advantage as he tried to stay as far away from the huge creature as possible. Unfortunately, even a three meter deep gash between the armor of its scales was not enough to do great damage. Leaning heavily on his Echani instincts, he targeted veins and arteries he didn’t rightfully know existed. Something about how the creature moved jived with things he had been taught since birth; things he had subconsciously known since before he put down his childish sticks and picked up his first lightsaber.

As Zaryk did battle with the creature, his ally spoke to him. She spoke to him about the amulet around his neck, which he could feel radiating enough Dark Side energy to completely cloak his presence in the Force. She attempted to sway him, but Imperial Knights were trained against such overt attempts to turn them to the Dark Side. He had his weaknesses, he could admit that, but weak will had never been one of them.

Nevertheless, after she spoke, a strange calm fell over him. He felt a tingling in his spine, the itch of unrealized anger, and it seemed so natural to him in the heat that he did not question it. He held his hand out, a part of him knowing that the Sith Master in the air above him would fill it with a lightsaber. The blade thrummed to life at his touch, evoking a scarlet blade.

The Master of the Imperial Knights had never fought with two weapons before- save one noteable training duel with Antares Draco- but today, it just felt right. Wielding the shorter weapon in his left hand, he continued harassing the alchemically altered dragon, peeling off scales and digging into the creature’s skin.

As the rush of combat flowed over him, he felt a twinge of danger. He looked up, and found himself face to face with one of the claws that had been swatting at the Arian above him. He audibly grunted in pain as it collided with his face, and he flew into the air. He had his own weapon in a death-grip born of years of experience, but the grip of his left hand was weak, and Darth Katanra’s weapon went skittering across the sand, to land blade-first in a sand dune, the blade extinguished.

Zaryk landed face-first, his lungs silent. The air which had been so violently knocked out of him took time to be drawn enough to express his pain. He tried to inhale, and received a mouthful of sand for his efforts. The sand around him vibrated, and Zaryk could feel without looking that the creature had taken a step toward him. He struggled to move, to put up defenses, before he faced certain death, but he knew in his heart that even with the Force, he wasn’t fast enough.

For some reason, although he heard the roar of the creature’s electrified fire breath, death did not come. He managed to look up, and see the blue flames streaking toward a different target- the faint silhouette of what appeared to be a speeder, which markedly carried a faint presence that Zaryk recognize but could not begin to identify. Not another Sith… but then who?

Katanra felt the surge of energy flow through the other Force user. Zrayk, the pretender, the name was given her. It elated the part of her that she had allowed to plan and calculate. She had spent time with the Chiss and had observed their ways.
She would never be able to calculate and give the precise planning that they would, but she did learn from them. She could think and act thanks to their training, and her own studies.

He’s learning love, soon you will be able to take your rightful place. I know you will be able to use this… I know you.

She sensed Zaryk ask her, and she complied. He didn’t need to ask verbally, she knew what was wanted. Or rather, she would know what he wanted. Throwing her lightsaber true, it was lit by the time it hit his palm. She then took back to the heights around the aberration’s head. Katanra had no need to watch her ally’s progress; the staggering and roaring of the dragon was all the evidence that she needed.

Diving under a swipe of the beast’s paw Katanra caught a sharp updraft from a sudden movement on the great dragon’s part. Sensing surprise and pain from Zaryk, she spared a glance to see her lightsaber take to the air much more gracefully than the one that had been holding it. Her anger flared at the dragon for causing the amulet’s bearer harm and she called her lightsaber to her. Spreading her wings to catch the searing air from the desert’s floor Katanra held her Sith Sword alongside her lightsaber and shot up along the beast’s belly.

Gojira had been pestered by this tiny winged being and the other small stinging being on the ground for some time. It annoyed him and angered him. Flame did not stop the beings, and the more he moved the more he got stung and stabbed.

Roaring in pain as the stinging one on the ground suddenly found two glowing fangs to dig into his leg Gojira swatted at both the winged one and the stinging one. He felt satisfaction as the stinging one was stopped and the winged one seemed to hover within his grasp. Grabbing for the winged one he was surprised to find that it was no longer where it was. Instead it was dragging a line of fire along his stomach and chest.

Katanra drove the lightsaber deeper into the dragon’s flesh before she pulled it out and back flipped to evade another swipe of a clawed fist. This time however, she was not quite as fortunate and her tail got snagged in the creature’s grasp. Gojira hurled Katanra away from his body and she went flying rather ungracefully into, ironically, the same sand dune that Zaryk had encountered a few moments before.

Sensing danger, Katanra strived to put up some sort of shield while her body recovered from the impact but there was no need. Sensing that another was at the focus of the electric fire, she took the few moments of peace to lay in the sand and infuse her body with the fire that her anger stoked. No more than two or three seconds later her focus returned and she slowly stood.

Every muscle and ligament in her body screamed for peace, for her to lay down and rest. Katanra growled in pain and summoned the Dark Side to wash over her, infusing her body with the adrenaline she would need to continue. Pausing for a moment to pull Zaryk to his feet and look him over to make sure there was no incapacitating injury, she decided to take to counsel with him.

“This separate attack is not working. Not that flying around for hours slowly whittling off scales would be intensely interesting,” She said sarcastically. “But I have a suspicion that we are both after something greater here.”

Katanra paused once again to dodge a foot that had come down apparently with the purpose to flatten them both into the sand, she caught her breath and continued.

“We could work together to stop this, or I can leave you to deal with this by yourself and die.”

Zaryk found himself roughly muscled to his feet, just in time to avoid a gigantic foot that intended to crush both himself and the Arian. Still catching his breath, he drew heavily on the Force to perform a backward flying somersault that he should have been able to complete on his own power.

Though they had separated far enough that he shouldn’t have been able to hear her over the roaring winds, Darth Katanra’s voice reached his ears clearly. “We could work together to stop this, or I can leave you to deal with this by yourself and die,” she said, calmly. She had no personal stake in this, it seemed. Either she was helping him kill the dragon on a whim, or she was sent to do so by someone she held no fear of.

Giving her a top-down glance, he realized that there couldn’t be much in the galaxy she was afraid of. The Skywalkers were dead. Darth Krayt was rarely- if ever- seen in person, and Zaryk doubted that the being in front of him feared even the Dark Lord of the Sith… or the Emperor.

Come to think of it, he realized, she didn’t even have any fear of the Sith dragon in front of her. She was more worried about the energy it could cost her than anything it could really do to her. He could feel her power, accumulated over the course of eleven decades, and wondered of what use he could ever be to her.

You are the tool, and she is the arm, an inhuman voice whispered through the Force. It was faint, but Zaryk knew that even that was the result of Katanra’s incredible power. He could feel something… almost a Force presence, emanating from the amulet that he had once believed to be a worthless trinket.

Even more, he understood the meaning behind the almost-presence’s words. Darth Katanra was powerful, but she was lacking in raw offense. A cunning Sith, her powers lay in manipulation and domination, neither of which would be of much use in destroying this being. To that end, she needed a weapon. What better weapon than a warrior, trained since birth to fight and since adolescence to fight with the Force, to accomplish her deed?

Zaryk tried to glare at the Sith across from him, but the sand flying into his eyes prevented it. Perhaps it was nature, or perhaps it was the result of Katanra’s sinister influence, but he found that he had to bow his head down to his chest level just to be able to look her in the eye.

“I will perform as you require, Lady Katanra,” he whispered, knowing the Force would convey his words. Even as he expressed his obedience, he mentally chafed, knowing that his “assistance” meant nothing to her, that he was, as the amulet had called him, a “tool”. She would cast him aside before the battle was done, if he allowed her, but he would not call her Darth.

This was not a battlefield of the Sith, but one of the Force.

Seeing the beast distracted. Katanra saw her no, our chance. There had been a high powered blaster bolt that seared its way into the krayt dragon’s face. There had also been a cry, though faint, that managed to reach Katanra’s hearing over the howling winds and animal growls. The battle cry of a Mando.

Hmm what are the odds of that? Katanra paused to wonder as the beast. A Mando… that wants to help out two Force users. After noting the location of the shooter, she re focused on the matter at hand. Namely, using Zaryk as her hand.

Dodging the foot falls of the beast, she made her way over to Zaryk and stood before him. “Then prepare yourself. You’re about to discover true flight”

Taking Zaryk’s arm, she infused her structure with the Dark Side and then hurled Zaryk after the great dragon and took flight herself after him. They were going to have to work together on this for it to work properly. Trusting the humanoid to be able to direct his own path in the air, she aimed her own body to the small point on the dragon’s back where the neck met the base of the skull.

No way is some Mando going to take my kill.


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