Review – Legacy vol 8: Tatooine

Tatooine is probably one of the most iconic locations in all of Star Wars. Just reading the name likely reminds people of the opening of A New Hope, with its two setting suns. It’s a location full of turning points for the Skywalker family – where Anakin stopped being a slave and Luke began his path towards his destiny. Perhaps it will serve the same purpose for Cade Skywalker as well.

Just as I had been wondering in my last review (Storms), it appears that Legacy has picked up where Knights of the Old Republic left off (in terms of providing a great story every other volume) – the good news is that means Tatooine is one of the good ones. The story starts in the outer rim, where a pirate has been disturbing the plans of Black Sun as they raid Imperial Supply lines. You don’t even need three guesses as to the identity of the pirate in question…

But when Cade and his crew land on Tatooine, they find their buyer has abandoned them due to the heat caused by stealing from both the Empire and letting the blame fall on Black Sun – plus a part from the Mynock has gone bad, and without funds they’ve got no way to replace it, and no way off the planet. So Cade comes up with a plan where Deliah will pose as a missionary and get the Imperial Mission to buy the part for them.

But he doesn’t count on the fact that his buyer has sold him out to both the Empire and Black Sun – who both send agents to take care of him. Black Sun sends three assassins (two Anzati, and one Blood Carver – all deadly) and the Empire sends Morrigan Corde and Gunner Yage. Yage easily apprehends the drunken Cade, but they’ll find themselves on the run from the Black Sun assassins, trapped in a desert sandstorm, seeking shelter inside the Lars homestead – and trying to determine who’s really betraying the Empire to Black Sun (as it’s obvious they’ve been given inside information on shipping lanes and manifests for their raids).

But I haven’t begun to describe all the cool stuff that happens in this story. I loved the visions Cade has on Tatooine – allowing for a battle with Luke Skywalker and a vision of his own future should he continue on his current course. And I was highly amused as Cade flirts with his sister just like Luke did (unknowing of their shared partial parentage, except this time we the readers are in on the joke). And I haven’t even mentioned the last issue included in this TPB – a separate story focusing on Hondo Karr (whom we’ve now followed from Sith Empire service through his time in Rogue Squadron in various previous arcs) showing us his backstory with the Mandalorians and his return to their ranks to uncover the truth about their Mandalore (Hondo believes him to have betrayed their people to either the Sith or the Imperials).

Anyway, in case it isn’t already obvious, after the fairly weak previous volume, this is just what this story needed. I absolutely loved the Tatooine TPB from start to finish – it’s an action packed adventure with just enough character progression to feel like the story is gaining some momentum again. I only hope it keeps up in the next volume, Monster.


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