Sith Jammies: Warhammer 40K: Space Marine (Xbox 360 version)

Alright let’s get this done.

That’s the opening thought presented from the very first to the very last in an impressive game. The game? Why it’s none other than Space Marines!
Yup, Adeptus Astartes ,Space Marines of the Imperium in the Warhammer 40k Universe. In video game format for your chaos battling pleasure. Let’s have a look, shall we?

This is the first game I’ve reviewed where I’ve gotten it straight from the company… ahh the fresh game smell, the frustrating, maddening minutes spent getting the friggin plastic and sticky stuff off… *inhales the fresh plasticy smell* ahhhhh… magic.
Okay, enough geekasm.

First off and most appreciated, the controls for the game. For anyone that’s played shooter games, it’s pretty standard and very easy to adjust to the layout. Now let’s look at our combat options…
Gun, gun… gun.. oh my gawd there’s a chainsaw sword. I have a new favorite weapon.
There’s an amazing variety to the weapons used in Space Marines, here’s some that fit into my favorites list:
Stalker Pattern Bolter: Pretty much a hip shooter sniper riffle that you can zoom for even more fun
Plasma Cannon: This fires charged shots that burn and sizzle your enemies. Until they’re dead.
The Vengeance Launcher: You shoot stickies, and they’ll stay there until you detonate them Up to 15 shots, and they’ll go off in sequence.
As I said, the chainsword. This is where the blood splatter takes the cake and leaves a trail.

And last but not least, the Thunder Hammer. It does what you think it does. BAMF!

There are a handful of other ‘exotic’ weapons scattered throughout the game, but these are localized encounter weapons that are not standard equipment. One such that most are familiar with thanks to the promo vids is the hand held turret gun aka the “Meat Shredder” and is very pleasing to use.

As far as actual game play, there’s a lot of things to like. One is the detail that’s on the environment and characters. Metal parts swing properly with the characters while cloth accessories flutter and flap as you run, doge and melee. Two, extensive environment. For a game that’s kind of on rails, there’s a good amount of free movement you can choose. Three is kind of a toss up for me. There’s an excessive amount of blood, limb, organ splatter. At first it isn’t so bad, about what you’d expect, then once you get the chain sword it’s like your character likes to stay clean by means of the blood bath. And yes, you do see limbs and organs separate from your enemy’s bodies and fly in pretty much any direction.

For the dislikes, my main thing was not being able to free roam the planet and jump. Yes, there is a jet pack which unlocks special moves but that’s only for limited and situational use. I mentioned this before that the game is on rails, but really it’s not too horrible. The other was the weapon selection which is done by the D-pad and therefore is tricky in combat situations. It isn’t impossible to switch your weapons out if you run out of the plentiful ammo, but you do need to get behind your team mates or be prepared to melee your way out to a place to switch.

Now for the plot.
It goes pretty simple; You’re a leader of an Adeptus Astartes squad, His Royal Highness’ best and most lethal. Your goal is to defend, either by destroying the target site or eliminating all enemies within said site. Fortunately for you, it ends with a bang most of the time.
Characters are you plus 2 to 4 AI helpers, mostly though you move with your team mates within the game play. Enemies are widely varied in difficulty and the level of skill needed to bring them down. The main baddies remind me of ‘Nasy Gnork’ from the Spyro games for PS2 but looks is about all that’s similar. They are very lethal in groups, but easy by themselves. The biggest tip I can say is get your Stalker Bolter and take the big Boyz out first and then finish the smaller ones off with melee.

Above them you have the Chaos Space Marines and these are reaaaaallllly the once you need to be concerned with, most of all the Chaos Psyker. They might look like push overs and in fact they are, but they will buff any Chaos force near them to make your short life very hard.

Multi-player action on this game is kind of weak. Right now there’s no co-op campaign option and while the players are good on the multiplayer game types, the types are weak in themselves.

Customization! Ooohhhh! This is a GIANT plus in the game. You can literally spend hours messing with your armor, accessories and colors. But be warned, you need a lot work to get all the custom options unlocked. The same goes for unlocking armor, complete online challenges and get what you want.

Yes, I enjoyed this game. There’s enough spots in it to make you want to throw the controller through the TV yet just the right balance to keep you trying to get through it. The story progressive and good and the seamless flow between melee and shooter is down right fun.

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