Review: Star Wars Legacy vol 4 – Alliance

Whereas the previous TPB that took us away from the main story of Cade Skywalker was a welcome respite and introduction to other aspects of the Legacy timeframe, I found Alliance to be a somewhat unwelcome aside. Don’t get me wrong, there are good things to be found in this series of short stories, but I think the book is hurt by a few factors, and you’ll get all the details if you click on the link.

Alliance starts with the two part story Indomitable – the name of a new starship being built over the world of Mon Calamari for the Sith Empire. But the chief architect secretly has ties to the Galactic Alliance and he helps Admiral Gar Stazi plan a daring raid to seize the ship before the Sith can take control of it – except that the echoes of Stazi’s battle with the Sith at Caamas has not escaped the Admiral’s notice. So now it’s not just a question of implementing the plan, but also staying one step ahead of the trap that he’s sure the Sith have prepared for him.

The second story, The Wrath of the Dragon, is the follow up to the loss of the Indomitable – where Krayt makes a stunning declaration, that ten percent of the population of Mon Calamari will be executed for assisting the Galactic Alliance. But this event will help his enemies to form a stronger bond, as the Imperial Knights move to free GA POWs left behind during the Indomitable hijacking – and ultimately lead to a strengthening of the relations between the Galactic Alliance and Emperor Fel. With all this talk of Alliance, is it any surprise that Admiral Stazi renames Indomitable exactly that.

The final story is Into the Core, where Darth Wyyrlok goes in search of a new solution to his master’s problem of the Vong implants which are slowly taking his life. Wyyrlok seeks out the tomb of Darth Andeddu, long dead but believed to have found a way to reanimate his corpse after his death. Unfortunately this is a fairly weak story, following a dead end which results in no new information, and does nothing to further the plot.

Which is in fact part of the problem with the whole book, these stories could have and should have been told while the other Cade stories were going on at the same time. Considering the length of this TPB (4 issues) and the next TPB (The Hidden Temple, also 4 issues) these should have been combined together to form a stronger single volume. At the very least, Alliance should have included the #0 (or ½ ) issue as a little extra bonus. While it’s not a bad book, it’s just not all that necessary – you could skip it and return for The Hidden Temple and not really miss all that much. Oh sure, we get the return of Skull Squadron – and even discover where Hondo Karr (from Joker Squadron) had disappeared to after leaving the Sith Empire in Noob – and I’m a big fan of the Imperial Knights, so it was a pleasure to see them appear again, but in all, this is the weakest volume of Legacy that I’ve read.


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