The Lost Tribe (2010)

A group of five fairly young people are traveling the south pacific, exploring business ventures. While at sea, they come across a lone man, drifting in the ocean. Due to the fact that he is a complete through-and-through idiot, he eventually leads them back to the same island he tried to escape from. What exactly was he trying to escape? Well you’re about to find out.

Just as a side note- there will be more spoilers in this review by comparison to my others… this is because I find this movie too hilarious not to explain in detail. 

The Lost Tribe is quite a strange film, which I recently discovered while watching SyFy like a buffoon. To get a few things out about this movie straight away: it is basically Predator meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And it even appears to be a remake of an older 1983 movie going by the same name, and loosely the same plot… though I can’t seem to find any way of confirming that further than IMdB.

Now, after reading that, I’m sure you’re confused, so let me go into detail a little bit more… and please, don’t get your hopes up. The movie starts off with a group of people who pick up a “hitchhiker,” this hitchhiker then leads them inadvertently to the very place he was running from. Sound familiar? Keep reading, it gets worse.

The island that they eventually shipwreck on seems uninhabited, until the “natives” come out. Did I mention that these natives have heat vision? No? Well good thing I got that out of the way. So, as the group go along this island, they are (quite quickly) picked off by these natives one by one, until there is only one “normal” human left on the island.

How does she survive, I can hear you asking yourself. Simple really: she only covers herself in mud and other goopy stuff in order to block their heat vision! I nearly Falcon Punched three pregnant women when this happened. After this point, we go into a weird Texas-Predator hybrid, because now she wants answers… and revenge.

So what was my opinion of the movie? Well, before I looked into its background a little bit, I thought it was a high end SyFy Original. I’ll just let you go ahead and re-read that sentence one more time; I think that says a little something right there.

The plot was predictable, the characters (save for Anna, played by Emily Foxler… aka the only character worth mentioning) had little to no build up, and the natives hardly get much screen time (seriously, the stock monkey sounds made more appearances than the natives) until the last few minutes. And another problem that I had with this movie was that they basically killed off every other human on the island at about 60 minutes in… in a 100 minute movie! They even killed off the random dog roaming around the island… bastards!

I suppose now we get to my final verdict. Quite honestly, it really did come off as a bit of a SyFy Original. A decently filmed one to be sure (all practical effects from what I can tell), but still not too great. This is not really the movie you want to watch when you can’t decide whether you want to see Predator or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But perhaps something more to watch with a group of friends to have some laughs at. 4/10

Also, some advice to the natives: if you’d spend more of your time hunting the (apparently) billions on monkeys on the island, you wouldn’t be so starving as to resort to cannibalism. But I digress.


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