Why the Force Unleashed II Was Inevitable Parts 1 and 2

Hey guys, as my birthday comes up (today) and I’m working on about 13 different things right now.  For the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting a column that I wrote up prior to the release of The Force Unleashed II.  Hope you enjoy!

In 2008, the Star Wars world was taken by storm by a conflicted Sith Apprentice.  He wore his mastery of the Force like a mixture of a billboard and a battering ram in the way he acted as a mobile Hurricane Katrina in his missions throughout the Star Wars galaxy.  Most shocking of all, he did this in an era that was restricted for so long- a time period whose stories so far had been restricted to smugglers, gamblers, and spies and mostly published over twenty years ago.
tfu1In The Force Unleashed, Starkiller defined events fans had only dreamed about, while at the same time displaying public acts of Force prowess that would have made Obi-Wan Kenobi second guess his decision to leave an untrained Luke alone with Starkiller’s master.  And, in the end, Starkiller too, renamed Galen Marek after the child he had once been, made the ultimate sacrifice, becoming the inspiration not for the Rebellion itself, but for its leaders and its symbolism.

But there’s more to the story.

LucasArts has announced The Force Unleashed II, scheduled for release later this year.  But was this really a surprise?

tfu2Take a look at your Star Wars trilogy again.  Ask yourself some questions:

  • Does the ending sequence of The Force Unleashed really mesh with a Rebellion in which Luke Skywalker is their most prominent Jedi?
  • Is it really the world in which “the Jedi are extinct; their fire has gone out of the universe”?
  • Could the Rebellion really have struggled so badly for so long with the expertise of high-ranked Imperial slicers among their numbers?
  • Would PROXY really have needed a proton torpedo to destroy a space station?
  • Why didn’t Bail Organa tell Obi-Wan Kenobi that a Dark Jedi was loose on Felucia?

Join me each Monday, and together we will walk through the world that The Force Unleashed left behind.  Was there really any doubt that a sequel would be made?  To those of us wondering when Boba Fett will return to Mandalore, or why Zekk has yet to return to the Jedi Order, the failure of this sequel might remain the most frightening prospect of all…


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