Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 1 – Broken

This is my third read through of the first volume of Legacy, and one of the things that’s striking to me is how well it holds up to multiple readings. The first time I read it was when it first came out, in 2007. I read it again (along with volume 2) when volume 3, The Claws of the Dragon, was released in 2008 – so that I could re-immerse myself in the story. I picked up a lot of things in that read through that I hadn’t the first time – and that happened again during this 3rd read of Broken. I’m also glad I decided to go through this series again – I was feeling a little burnt out on it after Vector (a story I didn’t really enjoy) and this was a great way to get me invested in this story again. So, for my full review, click on the link.

Beginning roughly 100 years after the current farthest point of the Del Rey timeline, Broken begins the story of the Skywalker Legacy. It starts with a strong opening, showing the fall of the Jedi Academy at Ossus to the Sith/Imperial Alliance – where Kol Skywalker dies defending the fleeing students, including his son Cade. A lot of larger themes are introduced throughout the tale, including the betrayal of the Imperials by the Sith, Imperial politics and the underworld of this future – but the core of the story is about Cade seven years after the events of Ossus. He’s a young man now, one who has turned his back on his Legacy and fallen into drug use and lies to keep from having to face any sort of destiny.

But it all comes crashing to a head when Princess Marasiah Fel falls into his hands, begging for his help in escaping the Sith. Her quest leads his crew back to the Jedi, where Cade must make the choice to finally stand up and fight against the Sith or continue to live his lie. This volume collects the first comic arc (issues 1-3, 5-6) of the series, by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. In recently reading the various Tales volumes I’ve gotten some exposure to some of their earlier Star Wars work – which hints at the brilliance they show in Legacy.

One of the things I noticed this time around were the flashbacks Cade has to Ossus later in the book – for the first time I actually went back to those pages and found they were quoted exactly, and even the panels were similar (just drawn from different angles). I also sensed much more strongly the reluctance on the Jedi’s part to trust the Imperials, due to their betrayal by aligning with the Sith. So many tid-bits are planted in this first volume that pay off in the long run, but that would be spoiling things at this point. The one other strong feeling I came away with from this book is how like A New Hope Cade’s mission is – save the princess from the Sith. The entire story feels like when Obi-Wan told Luke he had just taken his first step into a larger world – Broken is a satisfying story unto itself, but it also gives a great taste into what you know will be a greater story with many new characters and twists – one that’s well worth the ride.

I highly recommend this book and series to any fan of Star Wars. It’s one of the best Star Wars comics Dark Horse has ever produced, worthy of the praise it receives and your attention. This book is one of the reasons people chose Dark Horse as the most influential Star Wars publisher of 2009 in NJOE’s poll – and even if you’re not usually a comic reader, you owe it to yourself to give this series a try.


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