Upturn: Chapter 9

Eric sat cross-legged on the floor, sharpening and shining his ceremonial sword. It was not as spectacular to look at as the ones carried by Royal Guards, or even by his superior officers, but unlike most of his peers, Eric cared more about function than form. He did not mind at all that he carried the same sword that befit his rank- it was expected, and he would earn a higher rank soon enough, anyway. No, he cared that his sword was the best kept, the cleanest, the shiniest- and the sharpest. He ran his finger along the blade of the weapon, smiling as he felt the results of his work. Without moving from his cross-legged position, he sheathed the sword and reached for his rifle.

All of the Lieutenant’s weapons, ceremonial or functional, as well as his knives and other tools, were arrayed around him at arm’s length. He intended to spend several hours here, much as he did every Monday night. It soothed him, and kept him at his peak performance. The only thing that would get him to move from this position was an emergency- a fire, an injury, or an attack. He did not anticipate any of these events occurring tonight, which means he had plenty of time to think.

Think… about everything going on. He had a choice before him. The choice to be a traitor… or to be a different kind of traitor. While most of his decisions were clear-cut, difficult perhaps only in their execution, there was no right answer here. His close, personal loyalties lay on one hand- the man who trained him, cleaned and sharpened him into the weapon he was today. The country for whom that weapon was forged, the great place he would die to keep that way, lay on the other. The choice was mutually exclusive… for now.

Yes, Eric would wait. The tactic had served him well in the past. He was not the dynamic, figurehead leader; rather, Lieutenant Freundt was the rock. He was the solid foundation upon which his superiors had always been able to lean on. His inventiveness had always lain in solving the problems, not selecting new ones.

When the chance to solve the problem came into view, he would seize it. For now, though, he would wait.


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