Carriers (2009)

A lonely group of four trek across dangerous desert in order to find childhood paradise in a post-apocalyptic world. Along this trip they meet many different people who have faced the consequences of not following the simple rules that this group has laid out from the beginning.

This movie set the stage as a rather low key one, coming out in very limited release. Luckily enough for me it was in my hometown; unluckily enough, however… I missed it. Luckily enough for all of you however, we all got a second chance to view it, as it passed through other means!

The movie starts off with the four young adults traveling through the desert on the highways of what can only be imagined as either the Southwestern U.S. or Northern Mexico. Along this highway they run into a man and child blocking the road, in need of gas. After a scuffle with the man they reluctantly return to him, realizing that a car ride is more important than dealing with his infected child. It is from this point that their adventures take a turn for the interesting.

After this little hitch hiking debacle we get to learn a little more about some of the characters themselves. Chris Pine stars as Brian, the overbearing headstrong older brother who acts as the glue of the group. Danny, played by Lou Taylor Pucci, is the younger more even headed brother. Piper Perabo plays Bobby, the ballsy girlfriend of Brian. And lastly Kate… the, uh… golfer girl; played by Emily VanCamp.

With these people in mind, we travel with them as they try to find a place claiming to have a “cure” for the vile infection that has laid waste to the world. Acting only to try and find a temporary solution for Frank, and his little daughter Jodie, they move towards the makeshift hospital only to find that it is useless.

It is from this point that things begin to go wrong, Jodie’s sickness begins to spread to others, and the quartet soon begins to turn in on itself until Brian reaffirms his gluey status. But this isn’t enough as we later find out: in order to get to where they need to go, it is Danny that will eventually need to man-up and take the reigns.

Overall, I liked this movie quite a bit. For any of those who might have listened in on FE Radio, we recently discussed this film. The acting and directing themselves are quite nice, and the plot itself flows very well too. The only downside is that it is so damn depressing! Sure, the movie is post-apocalyptic you might say, but the directors Alex and David Pastor still seem to find a way for you to go for the sleeping pills!

On the whole, everyone did well at the job they were intended to play. Pine did well at playing the overbearing ass (as he did so well as Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek remake), Danny did well at playing the nutless brain, and even VanCamp and Perabo did well in their roles, despite the fact that there isn’t really much background on their characters. Whether it’s a dog rummaging some guts, or teh childrenz meeting their untimely demise, the film knows how to play on the viewers’ feelings to the movie’s advantage. 8/10

I told you to take your vitamins but nooooo.

No Fee Fee, bad girl!


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