Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

(For those who don’t know) This movie is based on a Canadian independent comic book, and the story is about the main character Scott Pilgrim as he fights through the league of evil exes who dated Ramona Flowers (who Scott has a crush on).

Now this movie is more of an abridged version of the six issue comic for better or worse. And for the most part I can honestly say it was very good. But I’m not saying it’s perfect cause I went into this movie expecting it would stink (it didn’t). I’ll get my complaints out of the way first. Number one is the Michael Cera is not a very convincing Scott Pilgrim, at least not at first. The first 10 minutes were especially worrying because I thought that he was going to just fall into the same type of guy he plays far to often in movies lately (some weak, quiet, loser), while Scott is selfish and lazy but over all is a well meaning and popular guy. I’ve never really been able to except this excuse but (just as a note) he does get better later on. Cera wasn’t the worst of them though, OH NO!!! Scott’s gay roommate Wallace (Played by Kieran Culkin) easily takes that award, this guy almost reminds me of Robert Pattinson because he’s pale, emotionless, and likes to pretend that he’s very charming. And that last statement links me nicely to my next point, “How good is this movie for people who have never read/heard the sores material” which is a perfectly legitimate subject since some sores materials are very obscure (similar to how “Dinner for Schmucks” is actually based on a french movie/play know as “The Dinner Game”). Now personal taste aside there are some things to address. Is the story engaging, action interesting, and does the movie flow well from beginning to end? To answer those questions in the same order: At the very least I can honestly say I’ve never heard a story like that before (half of me was motivated to go see it just because besides Inception and Machete, there just arn’t that many interesting/original ideas in cinema lately) and it’s almost worth going to go see it on that alone. Secondly, the action is probably one of the best parts of the movie, but not so much because of what it is (I’ll explain), this is one of the better shot movies I’ve seen in quite a few years. The lighting is great, the angles are breath taking, the action is over the top, awesome, and you can easily tell whats going on. This movie is a great example of how movies should be filmed and I believe it will be an invaluable tool/reference in the future on “how to adapt a comic book as a film”. And finally does the movie flow well from beginning to end? (well the answers a bit more complicated than yes or no) Like I’ve said before, about the first 10 minutes are a little slow but it picks up fast! And keeps a nice steady pace for the rest of the movie. Honestly there really isn’t that much more I can say besides go see it. It’s fun, funny, action packed, the characters are interesting and relatable and it’s one of the few movies worth seeing just because it isn’t just another retelling of a story we’ve already heard 600 times before (Like James Cameron’s Avatar, Cats & Dogs, Carlie St. Cloud, Salt, Step Up 3D, The Expendables and so on). Go see it, you’ll have fun!


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