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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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Hey guys, it’s commentary time again.  This time, we’re look at my review of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

Dream Warriors begins with Kristen (Arquette) entering a psych ward.? Nancy Thompson (Lagenkamp), now an intern, struggles to convince the the staff?of Freddy’s reality as patients are picked off at a fairly regular pace. ?They discover together that they all have special abilities in their dreams, giving much of the movie the feel of a Bandai TV show.? Nancy returns for a final dream confontation with Freddy while her father and Dr. Gordon (Wassan) fight Freddy’s physical remains.? Combat ensues on multiple fronts, and at the cost of several lives Freddy is defeated- once and for all?

Eventually, I might go through all of my old Fight Evil reviews on all three sites they’re hosted on (Fight Evil, deviantArt and MiBR) and fixing the formatting issues.  I’m sure I don’t remember all of the issues.

I’m not sure if I’ve explained this story on here yet, but basically what happened is that most word processors from Wordpad on up like to convert commas, quotation marks, apostrophes and such into directional, more complex versions that don’t exist in Notepad.  Most text inputs can take this and convert it into whatever they use, but when Fight Evil went through an update some time in 2007 or early 2008, the confused punctuation were converted into a question mark symbol unique to that update, all of which were later converted into question marks after another update.

You can virtually smell the increase in the budget of this movie by looking at the effects.? While the first few “Nightmares” focused on individual attacks, they almost seem to be playing with their budget by constantly tearing apart the rooms the characters find themselves in when they doze off.? Like the majority of the series, the effects are generally clay, rather than CGI or robotic.

I’m not sure if I was unfamiliar with the term animatronic or just refused to use it.  I’m kind of weird that way with terms I’ve never used before sometimes.  By the way, before you ask, one of the “confused” punctuation marks was the half space you get when you put a double space after a period in a “smart” word processor.  I think Microsoft goes out of its way to make things as complicated as possible.

Some good directing is seen in the opening sequence, where the blood splatter display puts Kristen’s survival in doubt.? The “Wizard Master” effects are generally fake and cartoony, leading you to the impression that they are nothing more than a boy’s fantasies and will be useless against Freddy.

Gee, could you tell I was just typing up my notes?  There’s practically nothing in the way of transition or segue-way, or explanation of what in the world I’m talking about.  Pretty much the way my notes still work, but now I realize that it makes no sense when I try to make it into a review.  By “Wizard Master” effects, by the way, I mean the wheelchair kid’s dream powers.

The acting is generally pretty good.? Englund is nothing less than you would expect as the only actor to play more than one limb of Freddy Krueger, and lends his movements to the skeleton portraying him in the burial fight scene.? Some parts could use a bit of work, such as scenes with the woman doctor in the psych ward and Nancy’s father.

Robert Englund is no longer the only actor to play more than one limb of Freddy.  This is disappointing.  And yes, that’s right, I singled out John Saxon as one of the worst actors in this film.  I’m surprised I didn’t get any sort of backlash from this.  This is also probably the least specific acting analysis of any of my first group of reviews; I guess I wasn’t quite as in the habit of using IMDb for research as I am now.

The continuity in the 3rd film of the “Nightmare” series is a bit better than that of the second.? Nancy and her father are both vital characters once again.? Freddy’s history is mentioned and stuck with, as well as the existing facts (his death) being embellished upon.? Freddy’s real world powers from “Freddy’s Revenge” are transferred to his corpse, though he doesn’t use them much.? The rat from the end of the second movie, or something much like it, is on a plate in Freddy’s house.? The only break from continuity in this movie that I noticed is the complete ignorance of Freddy’s penchant for possession.

And here I go again, just listing facts from my notes.  Damn that gets real old, real quick.  I forgot about the creatures at the end of Freddy’s Revenge and some of the ways its continuity shares with Dream Warriors– something you don’t see much in the later movies in that way.  By the time The Dream Master comes around, the only continuity you really see is characters that survive one movie to another. 

This was my commentary on my (admittedly rather short) review of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.  Stay tuned for more weekly commentaries of my old reviews and please comment if you have any critiques of your own!

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