Recently Seen Horror #01 – Drag Me To Hell (2009)


Hello there everybody.

I am Eshbaal, the host of my own little show, Horrible Horror, in which I dive into and make hopeless fun of the worst horror movies I can think of – from the big budget flops,to the failing sequels,  to the completely unknown insane no-budget flicks, all of it will be found right here and mocked straight to hell and back.

This first video of mine, however, is not the first episode of that show – this is my Vlog on the side in which I talk briefly about horror that I have watched recently. This video was originally uploaded on the 16th of June in 2009, between my first two episodes, when I had really only made the first one to see if I could, and was still living with my parents – right after I had watched the excellent “Drag Me To Hell” – so that’s why I talk about the next video being delayed, and why my room is so colorful – in a few video’s time, it will look and sound much better as I get my hand on a proper microphone, move out and get far better at editing.

For the first long while here, I will be doing backlogs of my work, with every Wednesday being an actual episode of the show itself, along with Top Ten Lists, while Saturday will be reserved for Recently Seen Horror, other Vlogs and little Special videos – new conten that I make over that time will simply be uploaded when it is done, or take the place of one of the less important Vlogs.

So with all that said, enjoy my first post here – but look forward FOR REAL to the episodes starting this wednesday. As for this video, you might want to excuse my grammar, as english is not my first language, and this is an unscripted rant.

Remember, you can always suggest videos to me at

– Stay Scared


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