Thor (2011)

The halls of Valhalla, mystical home of the great Vikings of lore – or is it really a reflection of stories from when humankind was saved from otherworldly protectors? In the movie Thor, this is an idea put forth by Odin himself. Originally, I had my doubts about seeing the movie. I had heard that it might be a bad one, but my fears were put to rest as the movie progressed.
We start out seeing Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) out with her crew of scientists studying a local astro-physical phenomenon when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) appears rather violently on Earth by getting himself slammed into Jane’s rover. I can just see Heimdall (Idris Elba) looking down and laughing: “That last step is a dosie!”

Anyways, Thor has been stripped of his powers and is forced to live like a human until he learns some humility. Once he has, his powers return and he goes off to make his brother, Loki, (Tom Hiddleston) pay for his meddling ways.

As for the actual plot of the movie, it was very enjoyable. Much like Iron Man, the humor was well placed and while the movie moved along at a fair clip, the dialogue was not rushed. Thor himself was very much de-mystified from the original comics, never once did he refer to himself as being a god. There were a few instances where he refers to ‘being mortal’ on Earth where some might view this as a reference of being Immortal, but this is not the case. Even Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is viewed as Mortal, but living so long past most humans’ lives he is considered to be among the Immortal.

Imaging and graphics were excellent, incorporating a sophisticated blend of CGI and live action in a seamless manner. There are instances where CGI is very convincing, and the 3-D effects were very well done.

So, I would rate this movie as (equivalent to 4 out of 5)  and a recommendation to see it with the family.

Goddess of Thunder, Sith Jammies


One thought on “Thor (2011)

  1. Interesting note – Loki (or someone like him) was around and captured the magic ice cube in the intro…before the Loki we know was actually old enough to be in the army for that fight…any ideas as to what that was about?

    Also, what was your opinion of Heimdall?

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