Star Trek (2009)

Wow, I mean really WOW. This was one of the better movies that I’ve seen in a long time. To open with the movie, JJ Abrams chose a big boom and then never let the momentum stop from there.

The SE (special effects) for this movie was absolutely amazing and set the right tone for the rest of the movie. Space has always been relatively easy for the CGI artists to do, but this movie took it to the next level. The size perspective left you wondering how the heck something that big (in reference to the ships) could be built.

Lots of explosions, fist fights that are true to Kirk’s character from the TV series, and romances with half a dozen green, and other color, women. (Also true to the TV series Kirk)

The ending of the movie absolutely blew me away and about half the other people in the audience at the theater, too. It will leave you waiting for the sequels and, for me anyways, not minding seeing it again.

Only let down was the way they explained how they could make this movie and not disturb the already set Star Trek canon. Slightly lame.
But as Nemoy said, in essence, on SNL way back when… ‘They (the Trekkers) will still go see it and like it because I said so ;)”



The movie starts out with the birth of James T. Kirk in a rather dramatic way. His mother is on a ship that ends up in pieces (the aforementioned explosion) as his father stalls the Romulans (headed by a disturbed Romulan Captian Nero ((Eric Bana))from blowing them to kingdom come. He is named right as his father takes the USS Kelvin into the maw of the Romulan ship. Pretty_landmine_by_CookiemagiK.gif

22 years later and we get to meet the soon to be hero James T. Kirk. (Chris Pine) He’s a bar hopping party guy that is pretty much set against Starfleet because of what happened to his dad. But, as we know he eventually, gets into the Academy and meets several of the memorable characters.

Doc McCoy, played very true to the original character by Karl Urban, was introduced as a raving hypertensive with a canteen that quickly befriended Kirk, ending up with McCoy being the one to get Kirk aboard the Enterprise in a very amusing manner… which also lead to some hijinks lending a great tribute to the original relationship most of us saw in the TV series.

Kirk ends up meeting Spock (played by an almost unrecognizable Zachary Quinto aka Sylar from Heroes) and the two do not get along at first, keeping in step with the first series.
Enterprise gets deployed to meet Nero as he destroys the planet Vulcan. itcheh_by_brokenboulevard.gif
Kurk then gets marooned by the Captain Spock where he meets Spock Prime (Leonard Nemoy) and has a __HO_SHI__emoticon___by_Glittercandy.gif moment and it gets explained that this movie is set in an AU (alternate universe) therefore totally valid. The two meet up with Scotty, get back to the Enterprise to conspire with young Spock and a 17 year old Checkov to save the day and the Federation by causing a VERY big explosion.


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