Vlog: Syfy’s “Being Human”

Syfy just aired the new show “Being Human”.  Was it any good?  MizzeeOH gives her thoughts.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hrZsgp6LRAA%2Em4v%5D


6 thoughts on “Vlog: Syfy’s “Being Human”

  1. The BBC version was quite similar. I think its hard to not be light on cable these days. Its also funny hearing people talk about vampires “these days” as I TA a class on Vampires “back then”. They’ve come a long way…not in a good way though.

    • Not at all. 😦 *looks at Twilight and sighs* But yeah, especially on Sy Fy (I really do hate that name change) the shows are definitely lighter. While I tend to gravitate towards shows that are slightly darker, things like this are a nice change from the norm.

      • Do you watch Doctor Who? Specifically the last season and this forthcoming one are especially dark.

      • I don’t, but it’s a series I’d like to watch if I get the chance to do so from the beginning one time. I’ve had some interest in it for awhile, but by the time I did, it was so late in the series it was hard to catch up.

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