Coruscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Jedi Twilight Cover

A striking point of this book is the style it is written, one that predominates the series, that of being the old detective black and white television shows but with a Star Wars spin. It’s something I don’t think has been approached before with a Star Wars book and it does take a while to get used to. There are some good things and a lot of bad about that and I’ll get to it in a bit. First though, I’d like to actually review the story of the book rather than it’s style.

The main character, I think, is a one Jax Pavan who also happens to be another miraculous survivor of Order 66. I say I think because the story twists a bit and the lead character’s role gets muddled just a bit. Now don’t roll your eyes at me, I know there is a chance that there were some survivors and canon allows for this however, it seems that there’s a bunch of writers jumping on the ‘survived Jedi’ idea. I’m just saying it seems like an easy in for a storyline.

Jedi Twilight starts off with a bang, a Jedi Master (second Jedi in the book) getting mowed down by some troopers and, big shocker, the death is felt by Pavan. As it turns out the Jedi Master was on a mission of sorts and now it’s up to him (Pavan) to finish it. Also at the same time a character resurrected from the “Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter” book is trying to find Pavan to fulfill a promise made to Pavan’s father.

Oh yes, my favorite part was the injection of, in my personal opinion, an under used character in the Star Wars EU: Prince Xizor. Yes you know when Black Sun is involved there’s going to be some major smack downs happening. (Insert happy smiley here) Xizor also gets to beat up Pavan which (yes I know I’m sick) I enjoyed reading. Finally some good if a bit unrealistic action.

Another highlight was getting to see some in depth Vader. He’s living, talking, commanding. Very nicely done and a bit unexpected. Don’t worry he’s still a brooding hulk but at least you can identify him as more than that.

There were some things I had issues with though. Due to the style of writing, it does take a bit (almost half in my case) to get into the book. The reason I picked it up off the shelf in the first place that it can be considered a continuation of Shadow Hunter. Now, while there is not really a need to have read Shadow Hunter it does help explain things and delivers some clues into the back-story of one of the characters.

While Jedi Twilight does let the reader have a more insider’s look at how the ‘commoner’ reacted to the Clone Wars and the new Imperial regime, it also inserts some interesting character quirks into the mix. I felt there was a lot of stretching and way to much setting up the story than needed, however another person might like the long winded books that go on and on with the ‘Plot? What’s a Plot?’ idea.

To end on a good note though, I did like the insertion of many little heard of species in this book. It did add to the long winded-ness of things in the end but I did like reading about something other than humans all the time. A very nice touch.

Overall, I would say give Jedi Twilight a chance. It’s a good read, has a decent amount of action, goes easy on the romance and has lots of little known things in it.

Up next: Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows


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