TRON: Legacy (2010)

My first impression of TRON was ‘oh goodie!’, as I had watched the original when it came out on VHS quite a bit growing up. That’s right kiddies, the Silly Lord is truly ancient. I even remember when DVDs were a HUGE deal, and it was even bigger than BluRay, PS3 and HDTV all together.

But I digress.

TRON: Legacy is a continuation of the first TRON filmed also by Disney way back when. The first TRON was, as they say in this movie, quite ground breaking. The idea of someone being zapped into a video game (although not all that fantastic now) spurred the imagination of many would be gaming giants today.  It was fast paced, action packed, and well… I remember a lot of black on black graphics with glowing Christmas lights making the characters look like a raver’s drug induced vision of the world.

The animation wasn’t the best, it was just at the start of computer integrated graphics.  But still, it was cool.

So now fast forward about 20 years and, boom, TRON: Legacy is born. Sam Flynn (son of the Great Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges) is now a slacker/troublemaking adult with wasted potential and gets in a little deeper than he bargains for when he finds his dad’s old office underneath Flynn’s Arcade. With a bright flash of light, he gets transported to the Grid and becomes part of the games.

As it turns out, the greater Flynn has been missing since Sam was a child and presumed a deadbeat dad. The head of a great tech empire (Incom) suddenly goes missing? Scandalous!

Anyways, Sam goes to try and find his dad and so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah.  The only tricky part with this is that Flynn had already created a manager of sorts named Clu that went all nutty and cast Flynn out of his plans for ULTIMATE POWER!

When Sam arrives on the Grid (which looks a lot like a real world city, go figure) Clu gets a hold of him and sentences him to the same fate of his father, the Grid Games. This is a direct homage to the old TRON where there is an amped up version of the light cycle races. Here is where the neat stuff really starts with the new graphics.

The method of filming was interesting, where most of the character scenes were in 2-D or a very subtle 3-D and the action scenes were in the expected in your face 3-D. This was alright from my viewpoint, but a lot of times I couldn’t exactly tell when the 3-D was there and when it wasn’t.

Now for my rant about the plot. I did enjoy the movie, I really did. However, it seemed like Disney couldn’t make up their minds about the Biblical overtones that popped out.

Before you go on the defense here, let me explain. Jeff Bridges is rightfully called the Creator for the Grid and I get that. The programmer does create and design whatever program to whatever purpose it’s supposed to be for, whether it’s for security screening or for gaming or even for internet hacking. I even get the  God – like powers Flynn has as to regards manipulating events. What I don’t get is the religious overtones to the whole thing. Yes, yes, I know most movies that are along these same lines (Star Wars, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc) have the theme of redemption along Biblical thematic, but for some reason I found this to be slightly on the offensive side.

Maybe because when I’m writing about it, thinking about it, the movie almost seems to mock religion and God- it seems to imply that God is negligent and uncaring.  But again, this is my point of view and someone else might not even notice it.

Besides all of that stuff though, I did love the newer rendition of TRON and think this one holds truer to the original idea meant for the first TRON movie. Although being slightly dark for a Disney movie, and I did keep thinking as I looked around the theater and noticing a lack of small children, it was structured more for an adult audience than kids. The movie would be child suitable, nothing horrible that would be scaring for life, but there are more things that an older generation might understand better.  Rating 4 out of 5.


4 thoughts on “TRON: Legacy (2010)

  1. I absolutely loved Tron Legacy, as did my kids (6 & 4). For what it’s worth, I’m a religious guy and didn’t find any of it offensive.

    • Coming from somebody who hasn’t watched it… perhaps a more “in tune” religious message would be that man doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful god? Sounds like something that would be portrayed similarly to what Jammies is describing.

  2. I agree! It DOES mock God! That is how I found your review. I typed in Tron the movie mocks God in google and this pulled up. Clue (the jealous, envious ie: satan) being created by Flynn (the creator) and wanting all the power the maker has, the whole story follows suit.

    • Thank you for reading the review, and for your comment 🙂 We’re going to be having more reviews on family movies soon, so be sure to add us to your watch list!
      Now for your reply:
      Please remember that Clu was not created for the purpose of being evil and Flynn reinforces that. I still do hold to the fact that the movie does walk the line of outright mocking, but Disney also made it clear that this was not their intention by the scripting and direction of the movie.
      The mocking I was talking about was that once drawing the comparison with Flynn as God, it showed him as a Zen-Hippie person that would rather run and hide than correct the errors he (Flynn) had created.
      There is no reason to be overly offended by this film, or even boycott Disney, for the overtones the plot developed. However, if you are offended and looking for raging material, I would ask you to consider the plots in the movies I mentioned in the review. (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc)
      These all have the same Biblical theme as do all movies with the Good vs. Evil plot, and if offense is taken at one, you really shouldn’t exempt the others either.
      The point is, use caution when looking into these matters and take everything with a bit of reasoning.

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