The Walking Dead – Vatos Commentary

This last episode of The Walking Dead had the first fairly big death of the series – things are really getting into the action as we near the season finale (already!).  Read on for my commentary of the fourth episode of the season, Vatos!

The episode opens with Amy and Andrea, the two blonde sisters, as they share stories of their father with one another from their childhood and teenage years.  This is a nice moment, but not much happens per se, so let’s move on to the next scene of the opening which is a bit more interesting; Jim, one of the people at the camp, is digging holes for some mysterious reason that’s not elaborated on for quite some time.  This isn’t a bad thing, however; it makes you curious about what his intentions are, offering for a nice little twist later in the episode.

After these scenes, we go back to the Atlanta group, where everyone is contemplating what to do with Merle gone.   They soon reason that without the bag of guns Rick dropped in the first episode, wandering in the city is a foolish prospect.  Really?  I actually disagree since, you know, there are apparently no zombies in the city anymore.  Need I remind you that this entire group got into Atlanta with no problem at all?

We then go back to the forest encampment, where Jim, the person in the beginning of the episode, is still digging holes.  People are starting to get worried, so a group gathers – led by Shane – to stop him.  Yes, because someone digging holes away from the rest of the group is such an evil, evil deed.  When Jim doesn’t agree to stop, Shane tackles him and handcuffs him.  Um… Nice?  Couldn’t let the poor guy vent, could you?  I do have to admit, though, that Jim really annoyed me when he started whining about how Shane beat up the abusive husband in the last episode.  The guy DESERVED it, dude.

After this, the Atlanta group formulates a plan of action to get the bag of guns in the middle of the street outside, with Glenn being the actual person to acquire it.  And when this plan is being acted out, suddenly all the zombies are back!  Well that’s… convenient to the plot when there were no zombies at all before.  Anyway, while Merle’s brother is watching Glenn’s back from afar, someone suddenly approaches him from behind; not a Walker, but a human.  Before the brother can even react, however, the stranger starts yelling… something.  I’m not really sure what he’s saying here, it was kind of unintelligible to me.  Another car quickly drives up containing two more men, and a fight ensues, with an LOL-worthy scene of Merle’s brother shooting (not killing) one of the strangers who are attacking him in the actual ass.   Glenn gets back with the bag of guns – and Rick’s sheriff hat – but is soon kidnapped by the two men in the car.  This leaves, of course, the first stranger who appeared still around, and he’s soon beaten up by Merle’s brother, who wants information about what’s going on.

Eventually, the guy from this new mystery group – didn’t catch his name – takes Rick’s group to where Glenn is being held.  While Rick says that trading a man for a man is an even deal, the other group disagrees, threatening to kill Glenn if they don’t get give them the bag of guns that Glenn managed to throw to them before he was kidnapped.  Yes, because forming gangs at a time like this instead of uniting to defeat the Walkers is really smart.

Back at the camp, Jim is tied up to a tree as everyone basically sits around and does nothing.  He admit to Shane that he can’t actually remember the reason why he was digging the holes; he just knows he had a dream to inspire the desire (hey, I rhymed!  Awesome.  Okay, moving on…), but no recollection of it past that.  He goes on mention, however, that Carl was in the dream (erm, is it just me or is this getting… weird?) and that he was worried about Rick in it (at least, I’m pretty sure this was it, and not vice versa).  He also says that Carl shouldn’t worry about Rick since he can take care of himself, but that’s pretty easy to say in his position since his Dad isn’t off fighting zombies, huh?  Seeing as how he’s calmed down significantly, however, Jim’s soon untied, so everyone goes about their usual business.

Anyway, Rick and the rest of his group think on the gang’s proposition for awhile and soon decide that they don’t want to agree to it, so they go back to the other group’s hideout with guns held high and basically demand that they return Glenn.  They even give them the other dude as a pre-payment.  Of course, this leads me to believe that they had a lapse in judgment, because this is really, really stupid on their parts.  They go in their WITH the bag of guns, give them back their group member, and just say, “You know what, we don’t like your deal.  And now that you could easily get everything you want, we want it our way!” and actually expect it to work?  Really?

It actually wasn’t going to, but then the Grandma of one of the tough “gang” members interrupts the stand-off, and much to the distress of the gang members, leads Rick and his group to a hospital they’ve all made for mostly the older people that were left behind after the zombie apocalypse.  Aww.  How sweet of the gang members to do that as they steal things from other people at gunpoint.  The main guy also talks to Rick about how all they want is to defend themselves and they don’t want to fight, so Rick gives them a few guns so they can defend themselves if the need be.  This was nice, but let’s back up here for a moment.  This other guy’s talking about wanting peace when he was the one who caused the fight in the first place?  Well, coulda fooled me.

Anyway, Glenn is fine – helping take care of one of the patients, in fact – so they soon leave with him and head back to the truck on the outskirts of Atlanta.  Erm… Wait a second, wasn’t one of the two reasons you guys were going to Atlanta in the first place was to find Merle (the other being the bag of guns they had to get)?!  Did you guys forget that plot point?  It doesn’t matter either way, though – the truck is mysteriously gone, possibly stolen by Merle, but we don’t find out for the rest of the episode.

Back at camp, as everyone’s having dinner, Walkers suddenly ambush them, and that death referenced in my first paragraph is forshadowed – Amy is bitten by one of them quite a few times, leaving no other option than for her to either die or become one of them.  The abusive husband from the last episode also dies, but, well, compared to Amy, do we really care?  Good riddance.

This was our first really good action scene of the last episode or so – this was bound to happen at some point, since they couldn’t stay safe there forever, but it was still pretty shocking initially.  Rick and his group arrive right in the middle of the zombie ambush when it looks like all hope is gone (nice timing, guys) and they manage to kill the remaining Walkers.  Course, I figure since the gunshots attract them from even a distance, they’ll need to move locations soon, so I’m assuming this will come in the next episode.  Anyway, it’s after the zombies are killed that Amy dies, offering a pretty sad scene – I liked her, dang it!  But wait, why isn’t she turning into a zombie?  Hmmm…

Anyway, that wraps up Vatos.  Very good episode all around, with a sad death and some nice action – the Atlanta plot was also pretty decent, too.  The season finale’s coming up (only two episodes left after Vatos), so we’re definitely going to see things start to wrap up in the next episode.  Tune in again next week for my continuation of my commentary on The Walking Dead!

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Vatos Commentary

  1. I think the problem with Jim was that he was a potential hazard to himself, and those around him. Shane did ask Jim nicely to stop digging, as he didn’t even respond to anyone for quite some time in the first place (delusional, possibly due to sun or just going crazy). While Shane’s past is still on the Clipboard of Un-niceities (technical term, of course) he was extremely nice this episode compared to others. You just happened to leave out that Jim did take a dangerous swing at Shane with a shovel before getting tackled. Also, Shane didn’t…you know. Beat him to mush. That’s always a good thing. (Later on he even checks up on Jim and pours water on his head, another act of uncharacteristic kindness.)

    What would have freaked me out more, was that a day ago a zombie was *in* camp like 10 feet away from the tents. What is stopping more from arriving while the dude is stuck to a tree?

    I, too, could not understand or even form syllables out of what that kid (I think it was Migel, could be way off though) was saying, other than loud noise. Possibly calling for backup, but definitely something I’d need to run a Closed Caption scan of to see what in the heck he was spouting off about. But ten points to Daryle (however it is spelled) for getting the butt shot in there. And another 10 points for possibly infecting the guy with the zombie disease, which might later on wipe out that whole Old Folks Home fortress they have set up. (The Bolt was never cleaned after several zombie kills in a row.)

    Them suddenly leaving and heading back to camp was a bit odd, but I thought it might be because it was getting dark and Merle can apparently handle himself quite well. I could be wrong, I was tickled with the three dogs from hell turning out to be wimpy chihuahuas.

    Something that I also could be wrong on, was that while Rick and company helped when they got back to camp, they were not the “it’s ok guyz! We got it handled!” type of calvary. That is why I liked the scene so much, besides the (to me) obvious video game connections. Shane had everyone back up and start to bunker down by the RV when Rick arrived. In fact, Rick was just shooting a few errant zombies to get to Shane and Carl when he got emotional at the thought that he might have lost his family after all. Not to say Shane did all the work, most of the kills were split fairly evenly between Shane, Jim, and the Mexican Guy who I still don’t know what his name is. Someone pointed out that Lori ran to Shane for help when the zombies attacked, which to me made sense as he was one of the few with a gun, and he should know how to use it well. But this does provoke the thought of “Oh, so when you might DIE I’m ok to be around, but otherwise this situation between us is *all* my fault. Got it.”

    Also, I think Amy might turn next week. In the previews someone states “she’s a ticking time bomb” which sorta suggested that idea.

    And I noticed you guys did end up changing the theme after all! I kinda miss the old one, but this one is a lot easier to read so I won’t complain 😀

    • True, I understand that point with Jim and that did occur to me – but still, considering he was staying away from everyone, letting him do that for a little bit wouldn’t hurt.

      But that’s true with the zombie so close to the tent. I didn’t think about that, but I guess it was a sort of foreshadowing of all the zombies ambushing the camp and eating people. Guess they didn’t think of that either. 😛

      Getting subtitles for that yelling dude would be wise, but I don’t trust TV captions ever since I saw “pwned” transferred over as “powned” on the subtitles. LOL. Dang, that’s a really good point about the crossbow though with the zombie blood on it – that could definitely be considered a plot hole if they don’t revisit it somehow in the future. Might make for a good story at some point to go back to.

      I think Lori ran to Shane both because he had a gun and it might have been an automatic, even subconscious move on her part to go to him personally for protection, seeing as how she probably had to do that while Rick was gone quite often, or at least wanted to.

      I totally wouldn’t be surprised if Amy turned – it’d definitely offer alot of nice conflict for Andrea, especially if she’s going to be the one who has to kill her, which, if she does turn, I have a feeling will be the case.

      And yep, we did change it. 😀 Not only is it easier to read, but you can also see the author names now – definitely a plus. 😛

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