The Walking Dead – Tell it to the Frogs Commentary

Time to continue my weekly commentary of the new zombie show, The Walking Dead.  This week, we’ll be covering the third episode of the season, Tell it to the Frogs!

We start off with the redneck from the last episode, Merle, in a sort of dazed and confused state (hey, when did Led Zeppelin get here?!) as he struggles to release himself from the handcuffs restraining him to the roof.  With the zombies trying to get past the locked door, he finally figures out that maybe he should use his belt to try to drag a tool over to help.  You didn’t think of that before?  Okay then.

We then go back to the truck and Challenger as they ride back to the forest encampment.  There’s definitely a lot that builds up to the reunion scene; remember that Rick doesn’t know Lauri and Carl (his son) are there, as well as his best friend, Shane.  Enjoy finding out that he and your wife have been having frequent sexy time while you‘ve been “dead“, Rick!

When they finally arrive, this is actually a very emotional scene all around – whether it’s between the two sisters reuniting, Rick and his family, or even Shane‘s reaction to him being alive (happy, but slightly sad at the same time because he knows he‘ll lose Lauri and Carl).  That’s one thing this episode gets across better than the previous two episodes so far; the emotion.  It’s much more of a “downtime” episode than the other ones – there isn’t much action to speak of, but mostly character development, and it was definitely welcome.

That night, everyone discusses the situation and how they had to leave Merle behind.  Apparently, Merle has a brother at the encampment, but he doesn’t know about Merle yet since he’s out hunting.  You guys are going to send ONE person out to hunt, who’s going to stay out in the woods – possibly infested by zombies, need I remind you all – overnight when he could very easily get overwhelmed by Walkers and eaten?!  Where’s the sense in this?!?!  I don’t care if he’s tough or not, that’s stupid and illogical.

After everyone goes to sleep, we see Rick and his family in their tent; Rick proceeds to say goodnight to his son and he and his wife… start to have sex.  Right in the tent.  With their son three feet away, if that, from them.  I love what Lauri says in this scene – “He won’t wake up.” Wow, you guys.  He just closed his eyes.  There’s no way he’s asleep yet!  And you’re going to just start going at it right next to him?  I expect this child to have nightmares for the rest of his life now.

The next morning, Rick discusses with Lauri going back to Atlanta to save Merle, who’s still supposed to be on the rooftop.  Yes, because the smartest thing to do is totally go back to a heavily zombie-infested city to save someone who will do nothing but cause trouble for the entire group and possibly even kill some of the survivors.  Granted, I understand why he would want to do it, but still… Looking on it from an objective point of view, it’s really a dumb idea.

Interrupting their discussion, everyone hears Carl scream in the nearby forest – everyone rushes to see what happened and they find a Walker eating a dead deer.  Mmmm.  Bambi.  Yum.  After this we get a pretty long, drawn out scene with them beating the zombie and finally delivering the killing blow by cutting his head off.  That couldn’t have been the first thing you guys thought of to do?

Merle’s brother suddenly crawls out of the bushes, pissed that the zombie took what he was hunting – the deer.  Then he suggests that they cut around the part the zombie was eating and have that for dinner.  Yes, because possibly becoming a zombie is totally worth having some extra food you could just get from another animal at another point soon.  Anyway, the discussion soon turns to another point; Merle.  Obviously, his brother doesn’t take the news well, and a fight soon starts between him and Rick.  It’s soon resolved, however, when it’s decided that the brother, Rick, the black guy from the first episode who accidentally left Merle, and Glenn will go back to Atlanta to hopefully rescue him.

They leave soon after to do this, but unfortunately they haven’t actually put any thought into how they’re going to go about rescuing Merle.  Seriously, did these guys figure they could just walk into the city and – wait a second.  They… They actually DID just walk into the city, into the building without a problem?  And encountered only one zombie?  Seriously?  I was going to recommend doing what Rick and Glenn were forced to do before – covering themselves in some Walker guts to mask their scent from the zombies, but I guess that isn’t necessary since they could just waltz right in without a problem.

Back at the camp, Lauri and Shane – Rick’s best friend – get into a fight, and Lauri tells Shane to leave her and her family alone.  Well, that was sort of random.  There’s not really much of a reason for her to be so furious at him – she claims it’s because he told them Rick was dead, but at the time it was probably difficult for him to believe anything else, and it wasn’t as if he did it just so he could get to her.  At least, I doubt it.  I would speculate, however, that the reason she’s acting like this to him is because she just feels the need to take her anger out on him because of her own current self hatred – for sleeping with him while Rick was still alive.  Is it just me, or am I the only one who just doesn’t like her character?  I’m not even completely sure what it is about her – the whole, “Sleeping with her supposed dead husband’s best friend immediately after his death” thing certainly is a turn-off, but there’s just a feeling I get from her aside from that that really turns me off the character.

After this scene, we go to a group of strictly women doing laundry at the lake – well that certainly isn’t sexist – who proceed to talk about the things they miss from the “old” world.  One thing a couple of them agree on is their… vibrator.  Ah, that’s nice.  It’s no wonder Carl is far, far away from them at this moment.  Of course, with his parents’ shenanigans in the tent the previous night, I suppose this talk wouldn’t phase him.  When we finally move on from this… weird conversation, one of the women’s abusive husband starts to watch over the group, pretty much ordering them to concentrate on their work and stop laughing.  Eventually he gets verbally and physically abusive with the entire group, but Shane steps in to give us an epic scene with him beating the crap out of the abusive jerk.  God I loved this.  I would’ve preferred it had they just shot him, but I’ll certainly take this, too.

Back in Atlanta, the Rick’s group finally reaches the rooftop (after encountering no resistance, of course) to find that… DUN DUN DUN!  Merle is gone.  The last shot of the show focuses the camera on a severed hand, presumably Merle’s, with the handcuffs still attached to the pipe and a tool nearby.  Saw, anyone?

As I mentioned before, this episode had much less action in it than the previous ones, but also explored the other characters much more.  It was welcome downtime, if only because we did get some nice character development and very well done emotion, and it looks like we’ll be getting back to the serious action in the next episode.  Tune in next week to check out my commentary on the fourth episode of the first season of The Walking Dead!

6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Tell it to the Frogs Commentary

  1. “Eventually he gets verbally and physically abusive with the entire group, but Shane steps in to give us an epic scene with him beating the crap out of the abusive jerk. God I loved this. I would’ve preferred it had they just shot him, but I’ll certainly take this, too.”

    Hahaha, very nice. I agree about not liking Lori, though I’ll add in Shane into the mix as well, and I would have gladly swapped them out for Ed if the first two episodes had anything to say about it, but in this third one, I really liked what they did. They gave Lori and Shane redeeming qualities and reasons, so I no longer despite their presence on camera as I had from the begging of Episode 2.

    The part about screwing right next to Carl didn’t bother me so much for the distance factor (though that was pretty nasty), but how quickly Lori jumped to the conclusion that Carl couldn’t hear them. How would she know that off the top of her head? I wonder if this will be brought up later on in the series, in a certain “Ah, HA!” moment on Rick’s part.

    Merle and his brother should have been hunting in the forest co-op style. They would have matched fine, and since his brother took the news so harshly I doubt they have an estranged relationship. They *would* have been fine hunting (at least having Merle as a spotter) in the forest, but then Merle couldn’t have started crap on the roof and they wouldn’t have a reason to go back into the city to find the other group of survivors they snuck a peek at during the preview of episode 4. Shenanigans!

    And wasn’t that trip through Atlanta way, way too easy? Rick didn’t have it that easy solo, and he was then blamed for causing 10 or so other people problems who had no trouble at all standing in a store lined with glass and waiting to be eaten alive. Why not cover the window with the thousands of items of clothing you have right next to you? If you can find a random medical mask Rick and Glenn are wearing during the titular Guts scene…why not cover the windows with a tarp? Or, why have Rick go out at all? He’s the best shot, he should have been back on the roof providing cover fire in anything went wrong in the first place.

    Either way, I thought this was an excellent episode. Hopefully they can inject a bit more action into the character development, or a bit more character development into the action as this back and forth “development, action, development, action” episode format is getting a little obvious.

    Excellent commentary, MiB!

    • Thanks for the comment, Encrazed Crafts! 😀 But yeah, as MIB mentioned, these are my commentaries, not his – I know it can be a bit difficult to tell who posts what sometimes, though.

      You definitely bring up some good points that I haven’t thought of – such as covering the windows with clothes. If they did that, however, there’s still a chance the Walkers could smell them out despite them being hidden. Course, might as well make it a bit safer, so that would still have been a wise move.

      “How would she know that off the top of her head? I wonder if this will be brought up later on in the series, in a certain “Ah, HA!” moment on Rick’s part.”

      This is actually pretty much what the person watching the episode with me said – that poor kid. He had to hear his Mom twice in that context within the span of a week. 😛

      That makes me think, actually, about how it’s a good possibility Carl is the one who’ll bust Lauri (or, Lori I guess – I’ve just seen that on a couple articles and then your comment so I suppose I should spell it correctly :P) to Rick. That should provide a nice, awkward family dinner. 😀

      • The only reason I suggest covering the window at all was, Morgan’s wife was actively trying to open the door but eventually left and they were only feet from it. (Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps?) Add in that one zombie cop saw Rick a good fifty feet away, they have pretty good sight.

        Based on those two ‘facts,’ how the heck did 10 people lumber about a store off the main street (which Rick so easily ran into, much like Han Solo and that pack of Stormtroopers) without one zombie catching on? Rick firing a gun a block or less away would only provoke them to attack the people if they happened to turn around toward the sound and see the people walking in the open, but again, that many zombies (even ‘just’ 20 per block, much less than what Rick witnessed) one should have seen them right from the start. I know it’s only a show, but I think it was more something they wanted to blame on Rick (the writers) that was forced and outta place. Minor issue in itself, but add in all the others and Guts is gladly forgotten by the awesome that is Frogs.

        As for the spelling, if it was not for reviews and comments about the series that I had read back on episode 1 and 2, I wouldn’t know most of the cast’s names. Someone said the name was Lori, and I’ve been using it sense. I’m kinda lazy so since it is short it fits my lifestyle, too 😛

    • D’oh! My apologies, MiB. Today was my first day on your blog and I was unfamiliar with the set up. I see MizzeeOH on the tags now, pardon my ignorance. It is a purty theme, though 😀

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