MMPR Episode I Commentary

I wasn’t going to do this, given Linkara’s excellent retrospective series about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but I felt the need to put my two cents in after watching the first episode for the first time in years this morning while working on some Jammies and Tux Sillies.   Don’t expect me to make a habit of this.

The one thing that I don’t believe Linkara covered that I felt the need to comment on was the ending of the first battle of the Power Rangers series.  There’s also the fact that the entire episode felt choppy, as though they were doing their solid best to keep it from becoming a two-parter with everything that they needed to explain, and it suffered for it.

The ending of the battle, though, perplexes me.  Here we have the leader of Rita Repulsa’s forces, a general who has presumably conquered entire worlds in the past.  He may be a bit rusty, sure, but he’s the best his army has and he knows it.  He faces the first, and potentially last line of defense Earth has against his types of magic.  They’re pulling out all the stops, bringing out the most powerful of their weapons, and he fights them to a stand still.

Put yourself in Goldar’s position now.   You may be breaking a sweat for the first time in a century, but you’re facing a one-time chance to defeat your opponents while they’re green, before they can learn who you are or how to make full use of their powers.  They’re not beating you- again, it’s a relative standstill.  You were actually winning before they pulled out their sword, and guess what?  You have a sword, too.

So would you retreat, work out, and face them again after they’ve had time to learn how to use their powers, thereby becoming an exponentially more powerful enemy, or would you take one for the team, risk whatever injuries they may be capable of inflicting on you, to wipe out Earth’s last line of defense on its first day?  It’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

I guess they hadn’t yet gained the ability to evolve beyond Sentai footage.

Why was I watching Power Rangers, by the way?  Simple, really.  ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and Cinemassacre haven’t put out anything interesting in the past couple of days, and the English dub of Sailor Moon is ridiculously stupid (I can’t watch subtitles while working, obviously).  So, this was the next choice.

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