8 Mile (2002)

Directed by Curtis Hanson
Written By Scott Silver
Starring Marshal Mathers

8 Mile is the “based on a true story” life of Jimmy “B Rabbit” Smith, a white guy trying to make it rapping in Detroit.? He goes through a series of trials and tribulations in his conflict with “Tha Free World”, a local gang, and settles it all on the stage.

To set precedents first, don’t watch this movie if you’re not a fan of rap music.? The rap lifestyle is central to this movie, and if you can’t relate to a young emcee struggling against discrimination, proving himself with his rhyme, then you can’t relate to the movie.? Like all inspirational movies, you need to be able to look from the same ground as the characters are.? Unlike most inspirational movies, this one actually does its job.? The main theme, “Lose Yourself” has been praised by rap haters as “the only good rap song”, and the other 2 Eminem songs on the soundtrack are much in the same vein.

If you are straight with the music, this has one of the best scores ever.? Living in Detroit, the characters play rap in their car, in the club, and at home.? You can hear 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, and I could have sworn I heard either Busta Rhymes or the Wu-Tang clan, though I can’t find any evidence of that claim.

The acting is decent, though the only real stand-out performance was Eminem as B Rabbit, and since he was basically playing himself, you can’t really call it acting.? Evan Jones did a great job as Cheddar Bob.? None of the acting was really bad, though really convincing moments (besides those mentioned above) were pretty rare.? De’Angelo Wilson, as DJ Iz, would be listed above, though he seemed over-used and become a comedic device instead of a real character.

There are three sex scenes in the movie, only one of which is really worth it.

Spoiler Below…

The other two are short and stunted, one in which all you see is the back of an old lady and the other which ends as Rabbit busts in on Wink and Alex in the most aggressive assault in the movie.

End Spoiler.

The battles are good; there’s a real build-up and you can see the rise in his confidence from the choke in the beginning of the movie to the climactic freestyle against Papa Doc.? The rest of the plot is much the same, as circumstances force him into doing something and events help give him some of the confidence to take action.? It’s a little cliche, but all in all it works.?

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