Hostel (2005)

Title: Hostel
Released: 2005
Rated: UNRATED VERSION (Normally R/18)
Score: 8/10

Hostel begins as the three friends, Paxton, Josh and Oli (their Icelandic friend), head to a hostel in Bratislava, Slovakia.  The friends’ dreams come true as they have sex with their hot, female roommates that night.  As it all seems to be true, the friends are separated one by one and disappear from each other’s lives.  Paxton is left alone to escape the clutches of the hostel and do what he can to avenge his friends.

While there is not a lot of gore, every bit looks good, including the vomit and the fluid when Paxton cuts off the dangling eyeball.  It really gives you the feel that you are watching the events taking place.

You are quickly given scenes to get the distinct feel of each main character.  The three friends establish themselves in your minds quickly, which is good because otherwise you’d be trapped with “I know who he is, cuz he’s the one who survives.”  Even Kana and the unnamed businessman give you a good feel as to who they are.

Unfortunately, the other supporting characters are at most given one full scene that really shows who they are, the best example of that being the man Paxton meets during his escape and probably the worst being Natalya’s partner.

All of the actors do a competent job.  Richardson and Gudjonsson, in particular, give their characters a distinctive feel. Hernandez, who plays a more generic American, also portrays his role quite competently, as do the supporting roles.

While there were a lot of things I liked about Hostel, some things didn’t set right with me.  First, there is the random meeting of the two girls from the hostel with Alex just in time to be hit by Paxton’s car.  The only purpose of this, it seems, is to portray the already evident fact that Alex was hired to lure tourists out there.  Also, the lack of a name for the most distinct villain and killer of Josh brings back memories of the thinking man’s hell known as “The Transporter”.

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One thought on “Hostel (2005)

  1. Whether or not this kind of horror movie is your cup of tea, you have to at least admire Roth for the daring and creativity with which he illustrates that concept. Check out my review when you can!

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