TFU: Ultimate Sith Edition (Part 4 of 3)

The woman watched the Man in Black chase after Star Thriller. She had been watching him for some time from the shadows, using him to find her target. She was always in the shadows, ever careful not to be seen. Not yet anyway, she had plans for him.

Thanks in part to my brother letting me borrow his xb 360E I was recently able to play The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. Since the game itself has already had a review, I’ll stick to the downloadable content that came with this version of the game. At the very least I can say I’m impressed, and I’m not going to avoid spoilers at this point either.

It had been many years since Star Thriller and the woman had last crossed paths. Now though, she had tracked him down and he was going to pay for his crimes against her master. As he passed under her in his flight from the Man in Black, she spread her bat like wings and jumped down from her hiding place. “I’m not going to let you change the future Star Thriller!” The crazed Darksider’s eyes widened in surprise as the woman ignited her vicious looking lightsaber and ran after him.

There are three campaigns that you can play in the USE, one for the light and two for the dark. These are based off the choice you make in the actual gameplay. None of these are easy to play and will test even the skilled players. Needless to say, I lost count of how many times I died getting through them. The lightside campaign is you vs a garrison of outrageously armored and armed stormtroopers in the Jedi Temple. You have to fight your way through about three different sections before you come to the Jedi Trials.

Star Thriller stopped when he reached open ground and faced the woman. “Miss me ST?” She asked.
“No more lies, old woman!” He snarled at her, “Where’s the Man in Black?”
“Who says we’re working together?” She sneered, “You know very well this is personal.”
The duelists locked their sabers and lightning crackled through the air. A exchange almost too fast for the eye to follow and it was clear this woman was to be taken seriously. When they next locked sabers the woman wrapped her tail around one of Star Thriller’s ankles and sent him flying. She pounced but was reflected by a wall of lightning.

You really do have to use patience when going through the trials, but I’m telling you it’s worth it. The battle of the mind that follows will challenge you as the ‘enemy’ confuses the direction you control your character with. Don’t just swing mindlessly at this guy, you have to think and feel. Don’t worry though, the platform you’re fighting on does have the wrap around effect and if you fall, you get reset with a little bit of life lost.

Star Thriller staggered back in time to dodge a critical blow from the woman. He gathered his power and threw her back in a blast of dark energy. The woman landed hard against the bulk head and slid to the floor, to all appearances unconscious. But he was cautious as he approached. Their mutual master had taught her well, and he knew better than to underestimate this one. As he raised his lightsaber for the killing blow a small canister bumped against his foot. He looked down and read the lettering on the canister.
“Confetti? What the… ohno.”
The canister exploded colorfully yet still quite dangerously as the shards of brightly colored metal popped and snapped as they touched any surface. Out of the confusion, a high heeled booted foot made contact with Star Thriller’s jaw. The woman sprang lightly back to her feet and the battle resumed.

The Dark missions are a little more fun. All your powers are maxed out and you get to wreak havoc on the star wars time line. Starkiller has now taken Vader’s place, but the Emperor still considers him his slave. You start out on Tattoine and are looking for the droids. It’s fun in the sense that you pretty much blow up or stab everything you see. However, stay on your toes for many exploding things get thrown at you.

“You’re a bully!” Star Thriller whined as the woman charged her lightsaber with lightning and hit him with enough force to knock him off his feet. To make matter worse, she spread her wings and jumped. Star Thriller was confused with the expected blow didn’t come but with realization of what was about to happen quickly tried building a defense. The air sizzled and crackled around the woman. In an attempt to end the battle with him the victor, Star Thriller blasted through her defenses and knocked the woman into the reactor core. Walking away satisfied, he failed to note that the woman had survived, and was riding the current of the reactor out of the pit. Thrown to the ground by a super charged bolt, Star Thriller convulsed on the ground but not in pain. The woman was using an unknown power to slowly but surely torture him to death.
He writhed in agony from the horrid tickling, the air being wrenched from his lungs. The woman slowly walked forward with a sordid smile on her face. She was enjoying it.

The last mission for the Darkside is the best. You lead the invasion on the Hoth base and in the end, you do something really nasty to Skywalker. But you have been warned; it’s a lot harder than you will think. Luke is a quick learner and will turn just about anything you throw at him back at you.
All in all though, it’s worth the effort expended.

Star Thriller had almost blacked out when the woman heard booted feet coming her way. Shutting off the fireworks she let Star Thriller live, for now.
Running off with a chuckle, her voice could be heard out of the shadows: “We’ll meet again.”

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One thought on “TFU: Ultimate Sith Edition (Part 4 of 3)

  1. REVIEW – I think that this review could have been tacked onto Part 3. The USE just doesn’t have enough content to warrant a separate review, so I wasn’t surprised to find the review to be extremely light. Coming from someone who has played the USE content, I felt the descriptions of the various downloadable content were too brief, with two paragraphs devoted to the rather lame Jedi Temple mission but only a single paragraph each to the superior two missions that expand on the Dark Side ending… with barely any of the missions described in any detail. For a potential gamer trying to decide whether or not to download any of these missions, the answer really isn’t found in this review.

    STORYLINE – The first thing I noticed was that Starthriller suddenly becomes “Star Thriller,” but without any explanation as to why – or if this was simply an editing oversight. It doesn’t detract from the storyline, but it was noticeable. Given that this is called “Part 4 of 3,” I had assumed this to be an epilogue to the storyline. Especially given the rather open-ending found in Part 3. But I know virtually nothing about the new character introduced in the storyline, and this bat-like character is hard for someone with no prior knowledge of this character to connect with. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any reference as to when in the story this scene takes place. Surely not during the two and a half minutes between Starthriller’s fight with the other characters and the Death Star’s destruction? As an aside, Starthriller yelling, “You’re a bully!” was rather cringe-worthy when comparing his character to that of the more regal and menacing Starthriller found in the earlier parts. I think that would have worked better if the storyline was told in the first person. But while the storyline doesn’t seem to answer any of my burning questions from the first three parts, it’s a solid addition that reads quite well overall.

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